One of President-elect Trump’s fiercest foes, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), appeared on MSNBC and said that the CIA is not happy with how Trump has talked about them. Senator Schumer also said that the CIA could ‘get back’ at President-elect Trump about his tweets. I believe that Senator Schumer is nodding to the fact that the CIA could POTENTIALLY assassinate President-elect Trump. Imagine if Trump said something as reckless as Senator Schumer said? THE MEDIA WOULD BE IN UTTER OUTRAGE. Back when Trump said that pro-2nd Amendment people would choose him over Hillary, the mainstream media wildly reported that Trump was threatening an assassination of Hillary Clinton. TOTAL FABRICATION. Yet Senator Schumer’s statement that calls for the CIA to attack (or ‘get back’ at) Trump is totally okay, according to the mainstream media. Take a look!

Watch the video of Senator Schumer saying the CIA could attack Trump, in the footage below!

This is an extreme threat sadistically made by Senator Schumer. As we know, the CIA could have been behind the JFK assassination.