The liberally-biased, mainstream, corporate media is the real ‘fake news’ .. They have been caught repeatedly fabricating stories. And once again we see the liberal media creating a false narrative. This time, a media outlet Gizmodo deceitfully said that Prez-elect Trump plans to dismiss “the people in charge of maintaining our nuclear arsenal.”


In the original report, Gizmodo alleged the president-elect’s transition team ordered both the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration and his deputy Friday “to clean out their desks” prior to Trump’s inauguration.

“The NNSA is the $12 billion-a-year agency that ‘maintains and enhances the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile,’” Gizmodo writes.

“As far as I can tell, this is unprecedented—January 20 will mark the first time in the NNSA’s 17-year history that it will exist wholly without its appointed leadership.”

The story immediately stirred outrage among Trump’s fiercest critics, who saw the shocking news as further validation of their worst fears.

After Gizmodo deceitfully posted the lie, they issued an attraction. Take a look below.


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