Last night, President-elect Trump was on his way to the amazingly beautiful ballroom at his glorious Mar-a-Lago getaway. He was hosting his annual New Year’s Eve party. He then answered some questions in an interview which aired on Fox News!

Here’s some tweets about the bombshell interview.

Thanks to the highly-trusted and absolutely wonderful Gateway Pundit, I found these tweets. Here are some of Trump’s answers.

As you see, President-elect Trump could meet with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Trump came under fire for talking to the Taiwan president earlier, when she called to congratulate him.

Prez-elect Trump promised that he will talk about the Russian hacking bullsh*t that the liberal media along with Obama is stirring up. Trump also talked about how vital cyber security is and then answered a question about President Obama.

Despite Obama doing everything he can to prevent President-elect Trump from being inaugurated AND despite the fact Obama is trying to wreck Trump’s policy plans, Donald J. Trump said that Obama has been courteous. As you see above, Trump also vowed to protect the pure and sacred land of Israel (unlike cowardly Obama).

This is not surprising to hear, as we know President-elect Trump is a tremendously loyal friend of Israel’s. ABC News ‘delusionally’ said that Trump has a ‘tumultuous’ relationship with the Jews, which is not true. Nevertheless, view the video here.

Trump finished off the interview by stating that his New Year’s Resolution if to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! ! ! Which he will do!

He also wished all Americans a very happy New Year!

#HappyNewYear #USA 🇺🇸

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