Highly-respected IsraelNationalNews has reported that the Israel Prime Minister has received an invitation to the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump .. but other reports are stating that Trump’s team are only interested in inviting and have not issued an invitation yet.

We know that President Obama has treated Israel with an unparalleled abundance of disrespect..But with DJT becoming the 45th POTUS very soon, Prez-elect Trump has SINCERELY PROMISED that Israel will be protected under his watch. Netanyahu and Trump seem to be getting along greatly thus far. Obama is evil and his actions towards Israel has 100% proven it.

We’ve seen the UN, along with Pres. Obama, totally endanger and disrespect the pure and sacred land of Israel. Prez-elect Trump has promised that to change once he takes the position of POTUS and steps into the Oval Office! Just recently, Israel PM Netanyahu has issued an official message of gratitude for Prez-elect Trump’s stout and staunch support of Israel.

We will keep you tremendously updated on this breaking bombshell of a development. I truly hope that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) is able to attend the beautiful Inauguration of Donald J. Trump!

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