The liberally-biased, mainstream media continues to point to ‘fake news’ as one of the primal reasons that Trump won. Yet the mainstream media is the biggest distributor of ‘fake news’ of all time!

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that a Vermont power grid was breached POTENTIALLY by Russian hackers. The Washington Post reported this:

“While the Russians did not actively use the code to disrupt operations, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a security matter, the discovery underscores the vulnerabilities of the nation’s electrical grid,”

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Well just recently, the DHS reported that there is no proof that Russia was behind the breach of the Vermont electrical grid.

“While our analysis continues, we currently have no information that indicates that the power grid was penetrated in this cyber incident,”

-J. Todd Breasseale, DHS’s assistant secretary for public affairs

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The media has been on a schizophrenic ‘fake news’ tirade for weeks. But time after time we have seen the media be the true bearers of the ‘fake news’ .. The Washington Post is no exception, as we see once again.