‘Problem of blackness’ or ‘problem of Hispanic-ness’ would be racist. But ‘Problem of Whiteness’? Not racist according to liberals. 


Here’s the report:

Administrators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison released a statement claiming that their controversial course entitled “The Problem with Whiteness” was not designed to be offensive.

In response to complaints that the course’s title was offensive, the University of Wisconsin released a statement to reduce concerns by clarifying the that the course is a “challenge and response to racism of all kinds.”

“We believe this course, which is one of thousands offered at our university, will benefit students who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of race issues,” the statement reads. “The course is a challenge and response to racism of all kinds.”

Although the course meets the ethnic studies requirement at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, this particular course is not mandatory. The statement stresses that students that participate in this course will do so voluntarily.

We see anti-white propaganda everywhere .. and we see liberals (including white liberals) be proudly racist towards whites..Here’s a report from recent. A professor openly calling for ‘white genocide’ .. college campuses are the  devil’s playground — oops, I meant college campuses are the Liberals’ Playgrounds…. So think twice before letting your son or your daughter go to a public university or private university. Ensure the college that your kid goes to is not plagued with the MENTAL DISEASE CALLED ‘LIBERALISM’!