As you see in the two tweets below, PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu calls out the utter hysteria of the UN .. in response to their utterly-disrespectful & extremely-bigoted vote against the peaceful Israelis, trying to soundly live in settlements on their own land.

We saw the UN bully Israel once again when they, just recently, voted to condemn Israeli settlements. President-elect Trump did all he could do to stop the UN vote and Israel PM Netanyahu appreciated that. PM Netanyahu and President-elect Trump both worked with what they had to try and prevent the heinous United Nations organization from persecuting peaceful Israelis in their quaint homes.

Now that the UN has decided to persecute the Israeli people again, Israel has just announced that they will not make anymore payments to any institutions or segments of the UN. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he will look to President-elect Trump and the future with hope as he tries to forget President Obama’s treacherous deeds.


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World leaders at the age of 23..Netanyahu was in IDF Special Forces, Putin was a KGB Officer, Obama was a pothead, and President-elect Trump was a successful and fiery real estate developer. It’s not hard to tell who the three REAL MEN are in the pic. You can easily see who the phony is!

President Obama didn’t care about the vote because he did not intervene and allowed the Israelis to be persecuted, once again, by the blatantly pro-Palestine organization that is the UN. Obama actually personally instructed that the US not vote down the UN’s bigoted “resolution.” Surprisingly, even SOME PEOPLE IN  the radical liberal, far-left party THAT IS THE  Democrats had a hefty group of Dems criticize President Obama for his cowardice.

President Obama acted like he was not involved but he secretly commanded that the US not vote against the UN’s condemnations. Obama cowardly abstained from the UN vote but tried to make sure that Ukraine’s president would vote against the Israeli settlements. President Barack H. Obama is Truly a Coward!

The UN vote called for Israeli settlements to be OFFICIALLY ILLEGAL in territories of Israel that Palestinians claim to be theirs. The UN vote called for the Israeli people to IMMEDIATELY DISBAND their settlements in “Palestinian territories.”

Senator Ted Cruz made a phone call to PM Netanyahu of Israel in the late hours of Saturday evening. Senator Cruz REASSURED Israel PM Netanyahu that under President Trump [once he finally gets in office, Jan. 20th], they will make sure Congress reverses the heinous decision. The Republicans are fully-dominating Congress, which is great..

.. Here’s the BIG BOMBSHELL OF A TWEET that Senator Cruz posted after the UN voted to appease radical Muslim pro-terror Palestinians.

BOOM! The United Nations has gotta be SH*TTING THEIR PANTS after Senator Cruz called for this. Cruz said that Congress will push to pass what’s needed to ENSURE THAT THE UN RECEIVES NO MONEY FROM THE US until their anti-Israeli settlement vote is fully reversed. The next US President Donald J. Trump [who will be inaugurated in roughly 25 days] has also made statements similar to Senator Cruz’s tweet. BACK IN APRIL OF THIS YEAR, Trump talked about how ridiculous it is for the US to spend so much money on the UN, which gets nothing done.

“Where do you ever see the United Nations? Do they ever settle anything? It’s just like a political game. The United Nations — I mean the money we spend on the United Nations.”

-President-elect Trump [back in April at a Wisconsin rally]

President-elect Trump has called for the complete end of US payments to the UN global warming agenda. Since global warming/climate change is just a big hoax.

Al Gore and President Obama fly around in their monstrous jets, spewing horrible pollutants and fuel into the atmosphere, and then they land and lecture us about being eco-friendly and watching the amount of carbon we emit. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Cruz called for the US to cut all funding to the UN. I cannot blame him and I’m sure President-elect Trump agrees, as Trump has said very similar statements as well. We’ve just learned that Israel will officially quit funding UN institutions.

Well, we all know that the UN is strongly anti-Israel and potently pro-Palestine [Islamic terrorists]. We’ve seen the UN repeatedly bully the Israelis around. PM Netanyahu slammed Pres. Obama and the  UN vote in a speech yesterday. PM Netanyahu mentioned how asinine and absurd it is that the UN and Pres. Obama “choose to gang up on the only democracy in the Middle East – the State of Israel.” PM Netanyahu said that the UN vote and Pres. Obama’s non-involvement in the vote is a “disgrace.” Netanyahu also mentioned that half a million human beings are being slaughtered in Syria. Tens of thousands are being butchered in Sudan. The entire Middle East is going up in flames yet the UN and Pres. Obama want to viciously, sadistically, and cruelly target the pure state of Israel and their peaceful people.

Like I said, we all know that the UN hates Israel and has done their best to weaken and disrespect Israel. The unfair treatment that Israel receives from the UN is utterly deplorable. The UN is absolutely shameful! Back in October of this year, President-elect Trump issued a statement in which he ATTACKED THE UNITED NATIONS FOR BEING ANTI-ISRAEL. Trump said this “I have said on numerous occasions that in a Trump Administration, the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the one true capital of Israel. The United Nations’ attempt to disconnect the State of Israel from Jerusalem is a one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city, and is further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias of the UN.” You can read the full statement that Trump released in October, by clicking this link.

Even the pro-Muslim, anti-Israel party, that is the Democratic Party, has had some of their members speak out against Pres. Obama’s cruel decision to allow the UN to persecute the Israeli people who are trying to peacefully live in their settlements on their own land.

To read more about Cruz’s statement that called for the US to quit funding the UN, click here now.