“First of all the policy we’ve had is boneheaded. It’s a ridiculous policy that we don’t apply to any other nation on earth to tell them that if someone attacks you, and you attack back, and defend your country and you end up getting more land – but you are supposed to give that up and let your enemies get even closer to you, you know that’s absurd ..

The two-state solution is no solution, it’s never gonna work and I know it’s been our policy … and the fact is the Palestinians have no intention of ever coming to a peace accord.

-Gov. Mike Huckabee[12/24/2016 interview with Fox & Friends]

So when Christians criticize the radical Islamism taking over the world, we are always told that ‘you can’t say Islam is a part of radical Islamism because that’s like saying Christians were apart of Crusades.’ Well the fact is that Christians were apart of the Crusades and Muslims are committing radical Islamic terrorism. That simple.

Even a major liberal/anti-Trump guy like Bill Maher can see how Islam is a truly sadistic ‘religion’ and is EXTREMELY VIOLENT, VILE, VOLATILE, BARBARIC, UN-EVOLVED, and EVIL of a ‘religion’ it is..and it’s always been that way.

The problem with the left-wing is that they defend Islam so much that they’ve blinded themselves from facts.

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Pres. Obama always uses that ‘Crusade’ excuse to not admit that RADICAL ISLAMISM has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE RELIGION OF ISLAM. And liberals and Dems use that excuse as well. But it does not work, FACTUALLY. Because the Crusades were not terror attacks committed by Christians. Jesus Christ did not teach intolerance, misogyny, bigotry, and violence like Muhammad did.



Click this link and read the article so that you might get a better understanding of how the western-world is truly delusional in it’s fight to survive, against the impending monster slowly eating us alive [Islam].

Click this link and just see how intolerant Muslim nations are. Or click this link as well…now you might feel stupid for thinking YOU need to be ‘tolerant’ of a religion that is the most barbaric, evil, sadistic, cruel, and INTOLERANT ‘religion’ ever to grace the planet.

So like I was saying, the left always says CONJOINING RADICAL ISLAMISM with ISLAM is immoral and inaccurate. And the left’s go-to scapegoat for that false statement[the statement where liberals and Dems always ‘delusionally’ say that Islam has nothing to do with Islamism aka Islam-terror aka Islamic terror]. Also another false statement that libtards make is saying ‘ISLAM IS NOT THE PROBLEM .. EXTREMISTS ARE THE PROBLEM.. DON’T YOU KNOW THAT EXTREMISTS HIGH-JACKED CHRISTIANITY AND KILLED IN THE CRUSADES? JUST LIKE ISIS AND TERRORISTS HIGH-JACK ISLAM AND ARE KILLING IN THE CALIPHATE?’ Well let’s debunk Obama’s tall-tale about the Crusades being the equivalent to ISIS and Islamic terror today. The left says DON’T CONJOIN THE RELIGION OF ISLAM WITH ISLAMIC TERROR, MUSLIMS HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH TERRORISM. Remember when Hillary said that Islam has nothing to do with Islamism? She said it in a tweet but she said it in numerous other places also, including in speeches. And then Pres. Obama said that ‘ISIS is not Islamic’..Even though the first I in ISIS stands for Islamic.

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Pres. Obama said “ISIS is not Islamic”..the first I in ISIS stands for Islamic.That’s all I gotta say.Image result for Obama isis Not islamic Political cartoon

.. and then the left goes into a spiel about how THE CHRISTIANS KILLED MUSLIMS AND PERSECUTED 921 YEARS AGO IN THE CRUSADES, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT THE CRUSADES ARE CHRISTIAN. Well the left claims that the Crusades were the equivalent to what we see now in Islamic terror. But the cold hard truth is that .. they’re wrong. The Crusades were in a response to radical Islamic terror. Muslims began picking fights and killing the infidels [like the Qu’Ran says] and the Muslims pushed things way too far and boom .. DEUS VULT and the Crusades occurred. The Crusades were not Christian terror attacks, they were a defense against Muslim terror attacks. You can’t just have the Osama bin Laden send the planes into the WTC and then say that the US military are terrorists for killing him years later. No. Osama bin Laden provoked the US with a heinous assault .. so years later, we took him out. Back in 1095, after Christians had enough of Muslims killing and persecuting as they tried to advance the caliphate. So the Crusades were not a relentless assault of terror attacks, they were a relentless assault to terror attacks. See the left and the Dems and Pres. Obama never mention the fact that the only reason the Crusades occurred is because the Muslims killed Christians/Jews/atheists/etc and then the Muslims took over Judeo-Christian land. The Christians were being killed for being Christian because the Muslims were doing what they always do, and what they still do today. So to say that the Crusades were Christian terror attacks is a total lie. The Crusades were a last-second response to Muslim terror attacks. Christians would have never killed all of those Muslims from 1095 to 1291, had those Muslims not been [trying to and succeeding in] KILLING THEM. Christians would have let the Muslims worship their own god and live within their own religion freely. Christians let Muslims do that. The problem is that back then, centuries ago, Muslims had a problem with Christians and anybody else who was not a Muslim .. because the Qu’Ran tells them so. And so the Muslims launched terror attacks, began advancing the caliphate, succeeded in advancing the caliphate [partly], and the Christians got fed up so they fought back. The Crusades were in self-defense! BOTTOM LINE.

So to make a long story short, Israel became Israel once again in 1948.(READ MORE HERE: http://www.israeladvocacy.net/knowledge/the-truth-of-how-israel-was-created/was-israel-carved-out-of-stolen-land/#sthash.mxeF3H8s.dpbs ……or READ MORE HERE: http://mobile.wnd.com/2009/01/85547/)

Jews and Christians lived in peace, love, and harmony and established and built Israel..and then the ‘religion of peace’ invaded and killed everyone who didn’t convert and stole Israel from the Judeo-Christian people who made it..the Muslims turned Israel into a Muslim nation aka a barbaric, intolerant, misogynistic, evil nation..and once a group of Jews decided that they weren’t going to let their heritage down.. once a group of Jewish people decided they were not going to be cuckolded by the Muslims and allow them to get away with high-jacking the country they built, established, and created..once this group of Jews decided to step up on behalf of their family heritage and religious heritage to go avenge all of those Jewish/Christian women the Muslims raped and killed when they stole Israel from them..one this certain group of Jews decided that they would take back the nation that their bloodline built and HAD STOLEN FROM THEM THEREFORE RUINING THE COUNTRY THAT THEIR BLOODLINE BUILT..once the Jews decided to take back was stolen from them, they did. And thos Jews were known as the Zionist Jews who did not steal Palestine and call it Israel..those Zionist Jews reclaimed their property from the sadistic beasts who stole it and then the Zionist Jews gave their property it’s original name back. Zionists didn’t steal Palestine. Muslims stole Israel. Zionists reclaimed the homeland that was always their religion’s and always their bloodline’s. And now the Palestinian Muslims don’t like that their ‘religion of peace’ had someone stand up to them. So now they are raising hell and they will never stop. It’s just like if a neighborhood bully stole your blue bicycle and painted it red..and you sat in your house watching the bully ride around on the bike he stole from you, claiming that it’s his now..and so after 2 weeks on being cucked:  you get fed up, punch the bully in the nose, take your bike back and paint it blue how it always was — since your dad bought it for you off of the Walmart bike rack. And then after you get your bike back and paint it blue like it originally was, the bully gets mad and raises hell. That’s what is happening in Israel. The Palestinians=the bully. The Israelis=the kid who got their bike back from the bully. But yet the left still sides with Islam and says Islam has nothing to do with radical Islamism..when in fact the entire religion of Islam is radical Islamism. A radical Muslim will kill you, and a ‘moderate’ Muslim wants the radical to kill you. OKAY, I DIGRESS.

So after Pres. Obama cowardly cuckolded to Palestine/UN’s wishes and after Pres. Obama turned his back on one of America’s valued allies [the only middle-eastern ally we can FULLY TRUST]. After Pres. Obama turned his back on the only nation in the middle-east that is preventing the entire middle-east from being Islamised [aka Israel the only country in the middle-east that is not a hellhole because Israel is restored to it’s original Judeo-Christian values].Yeah, after Obama broke his promise to Israel PM Netanyahu, Gov. Huckabee was extremely, severely livid.

As you see in the video above, Gov. Huckabee appeared on Fox News yesterday. He discussed the situation with the UN vote, that disgustingly denied the Israelis’ rights to built settlements in their own country. Gov. Huckabee tore into Pres. Obama for letting the UN screw over Israel.  The former Arkansas governor said this: “This is about right and wrong. This is about evil [and] good. This is such a clear-cut issue. And I am just beyond, in a seething rage, over what this administration has done in its last days.”

Read the full report, here.

This is not the first time that Gov. Huckabee has went off on Obama for endangering Israel and the Israeli-Jews, due to his feckless and unfruitful foreign policy plans. Back in July 2015, Gov. Huckabee said that Pres. Obama’s insane Iran nuke deal is like lining the Israelis up and marching them into the “door of the oven”, in reference to the Holocaust where between 6 million-11 million people were killed MOST OF THEM BY FAR BEING JEWISH PEOPLE. Israel has a major Jewish population, which is why Gov. Huckabee made the comparison — so he could get his point across with true clarity, as the severity of the situation was so massive. Of course Gov. Huckabee was berated and brutally attacked by all forms of mainstream media. Yeah sure, Huckabee could have used more sensitive wording..but it’s ridiculous that the media berates Huckabee over that terribly, yet applaud Obama greatly enriching the #1 state sponsor of radical Islamism.

Obama’s foreign policy has been terrible. And it’s not just his fault, but Hillary Clinton helped him destroy everything that was accomplished by US military personnel before him. I’m not a fan of Pres. George Bush, to be honest. And whether or not we should have ever entered the middle east or whether we should have executed it differently, that’s a discussion and a debate for another time. I’m just saying, sure George Bush was really not good at all .. but Obama, whether he was better or not, his middle-eastern policies have been simply horrific. Obama has emboldened our enemies TREMENDOUSLY. He’s weakened our country and our stance in the world, which endangers peace tremendously. And Obama has truly severed strong ties with many of our allies, who cannot trust us like they could before Pres. Hussein Obama. Gov. Huckabee has released a series of tweets, about his anger and thoughts towards Obama’s handling of the Israeli settlement UN vote.

After Israel PM Netanyahu and US President-elect Trump worked together with what they had to try and stop Obama + UN from ruining Israel even more, Gov. Huckabee tweeted this bold and alarming statement.

Then next thing you know, Gov. Huckabee loses his cool — to the fullest extent. You can feel the ferocity by reading the tweet. Take a look at what the former Arkansas governor tweeted AFTER the UN Israeli settlement vote passed.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. That is as volatile of a tweet as you can get. But I see why he is so enraged with this. Obama directed his people to not support Israel in the vote, cowardly avoided it as much as he could, and behind people’s backs — pulled some strings of world leaders [well at least one is confirmed] to vote for the pro-Palestine / anti-Israel ‘solution’ .. and folks, if the UN says they’ve got a ‘solution’ for Israel, what they really mean is they’ve got a shot of venom that makes Israel a little more weak, each time the needle’s injected.

Before Gov. Huckabee flipped his lid on Fox & Friends, he tweeted a warning about it. He also tweeted that the UN is nothing but a bunch of cowards and we need to quit giving them money. #DefundUN