Highly-respected and greatly-renowned MAN, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, just dropped a Total Truth Bomb on Hannity’s show!

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On Wednesday, Senator Jeff Sessions [the man who will be the Attorney General once Trump takes office] went on Hannity and he made a report known to the public.

Hannity.com report: .. a shocking new report from Senator Jeff Sessions claims that a strong majority of terror convictions in the United States are against foreign-born people. According to the report, foreign-born individuals make up at least 65% of all terror-related convictions.


Here is what Alabama Senator/next US Attorney General JEFF SESSION’s report said: “Based on open-source research conducted on a list provided by the Department of Justice, the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest has determined that at least 380 of the 580 individuals convicted of terrorism or terrorism-related offenses between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2014, were born abroad.”

On Hannity’s show on Wednesday night, Sessions claimed that the percentage of foreign individuals who make up terror-related convictions is probably significantly higher.

“It’s really a lot more than that because we had to find that information from public sources and for a large number we couldn’t ..

I’d say it’s probably pushing 75% of those involved in terrorist activities were actually born [abroad].”

-Jeff Sessions

Check out Hannity interview at the bottom of the article at this link.

As you see in the tweet below, an expert confirmed that more than half of terrorists are foreign-born.