Last month, Kanye West courageously revealed his support for Trump at his San Jose concert. After that, liberals and Democrats took to Twitter to viciously display their disdain for Kanye .. only because he holds a different political opinion than them.. so much for ‘liberal tolerance.’  Many celebrities then disgustingly berated Kanye for being his pro-Trump statements.

Anti-cop/pro-BLM Deray let out a spiel of tweets about Kanye’s comments .. you can read them all at this article, here.

Very untalented[in my opinion, he is] hip-hop artist Mike Eagle falsely claimed Trump’s team is filled with racists. Total lie. He made that false claim in response to Kanye’s pro-Trump statements.

Those were just a few of the responses to Kanye’s pro-Trump statements. Also, Kanye may have been SADISTICALLY KIDNAPPED and FORCEFULLY THROWN into a hospital just because he’s pro-Trump.

On Dec. 13th, Kanye went to Trump Tower [NYC] and met with the President-elect.

Kanye took major flak AGAIN after the meeting.

This guy falsely claimed that President-elect Trump is skipping security briefings .. yet he has not criticized Obama for really skipping briefings, and Obama has done it the most by a lot.

You can see the rest of the celebrities that disrespectfully condemned Kanye for having a different political opinion than them. To see it, click here or here or here or here. Kanye was unfazed by the grossly-intolerant, extremely-hateful celebrities that sadistically targeted him though. Just like Prez-elect Trump, Kanye does not let detractors [no matter how many] faze him. How celebs and others have disrespectfully treated Kanye is basically equivalent to the treatment that Trump supporters get for holding a different political preference.