Pop star Katy Perry was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and when the evil witch Hillary lost, Katy got extremely triggered.

Well now Katy Perry is out buying Christmas gifts ..

As you see Katy Perry decided that BLM are good choices for Christmas gifts.. She captioned the image “When your holiday shopping is woke af” .. It’s sad to see Katy Perry [who has many young fans that look up to her] endorsing a group that OPENLY CALLS FOR THE DEATHS OF POLICE OFFICERS.

REPORT: After wasting almost half of 2016 stumping for failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, pop singer Katy Perry is finishing out her year by purchasing a few “Black Lives Matter”-themed Christmas gifts, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a T-shirt for an organization that openly calls for the death of cops.

Katy Perry has been supporting the death of policemen for quite a while.

Boycott Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and boycott Katy Perry’s horrendous music. As if you needed another reason to avoid Katy Perry music. LOL.