Earlier today, conservative/pro-Trump columnist AJ Delgado sent out a multitude of tweets which hinted at Jason Miller being the father of her unborn child.


As you see above, she tweeted that when people refuse to quit when they need to, it’s a little scary. And in the other tweet, she took a potshot at Jason Miller.




She calls Miller the “2016 version of John Edwards” .. Edwards is a disgraced ex-Democratic senator cheated on his wife and got another woman pregnant. Jason Miller is married. It appears as if Miller has impregnated AJ Delgado, despite being married. NOTHING CONFIRMED YET, but these tweets are really telling.



As you see, she said congrats to Miller aka “the baby-daddy” on being named White House Communications Director. And yesterday, after these tweets circulated, Miller backed out of the WH Comms Director role. Also, AJ Delgado has deleted her Twitter account after posting the series of tweets. It seems as if Miller has been caught cheating on his wife, and got AJ Delgado pregnant — based off of the tweets and Miller quitting today. We will keep you updated. Nothing’s confirmed YET but where there’s smoke there’s fire.