“This is not the right time to start a new job as demanding as White House communications director.”-Jason Miller

Just a few days ago, President-elect Trump announced his communications team.

Hope Hicks, Sean Spicer, Dan Scavino are most definitely on board .. but Jason Miller is out. Miller decided to not take the job of Communications Director, despite accepting the position earlier.


Miller, the communications director for Trump’s transition team, said in a statement that his family needed to take priority over career moves. He said he and his wife were expecting their second daughter in January. Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

Jason Miller also added that his job will be handled by incoming Press Sec. Sean Spicer. Despite Miller’s vague explanation stating that he’s backing out because of putting family over career moves, it seems as if it may be messier than that! Miller could be involved in something really crazy. Click here to find out what.