Ayla Brown is an ex-American Idol contestant and ex-NCAA basketball player for Boston College. She is truly a phenomenally talented singer. As we’ve seen lately, many musicians and entertainers have disrespectfully and rudely refused to perform at Trump’s Inauguration. Trump said this in response:

Many liberal/Marxist scumbag celebrities have rejected to perform at the January 20th Inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Most Americans do not care about the rejections because they did not care about their endorsements. Trump had the true patriots of America on his side and it was enough to win!

Ayla Brown is the daughter of the former US Senator Scott Brown.

The video above shows when Ayla Brown gave a beautiful rendition of the national anthem at 5th GOP Debate! She also performed at the Republican National Convention, doing a wonderful rendition once again!

Just very-very recently, she was interviewed by the Boston Herald. In the interview, she said she would love to perform at the inauguration. Awesome!

“As a performer, I see the opportunity to perform at any inauguration in history as the highest honor. It’s a shame that not everyone sees it that way.

We’ve already elected our president .. At this point, you’re singing for your country — not to elect a politician.”

-Ayla Brown

Ayla Brown also said she has received an invite to the inauguration from President-elect Trump. It’s not an invite to perform, but an invite to attend — but she hopes Trump asks her to perform soon! Check out the full interview here.

We’ve seen many celebrities,entertainers,musicians reject to perform. CNN [Clinton News Network] has actually done something very appalling and justified+defended celebrities for being so rude to the 45th US President. It’s not surprising that CNN has defended the appalling disrespect that celebs are showing towards the 45th President, because CNN is a network of lying scumbags. CNN colluded with Hillary and CNN was caught rigging a panel. CNN SUCKS! We even saw a blind singer get viciously bombarded by liberals for INITIALLY AGREEING to perform at the inauguration. But then too many of his fans threatened to boycott so the singer backed out. The Rockettes are set to perform at the inauguration, but some chick in the Rockettes threw a HUGE HISSY-FIT over it.