It truly was a really weird occurrence. NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper seemed headstrong on getting HB2 repealed but yet this piece of news came out:

The NC Governor-elect, Roy Cooper, got immensely embarrassed and did not even stick around to answer very,very vital questions about the HUMILIATING DEFEAT that the ‘attempt’ to repeal HB2 took.

The Democrats WEIRDLY & UNEXPECTEDLY voted to ‘not repeal HB2’, despite the fact they repeatedly said they were going to vote for the ‘repeal of HB2’? WTF?!

So, apparently, this is why the NC Democrats voted for keeping HB2 [a bill they tremendously despise] instead of voting for repealing HB2 [like they staunchly promised]: North Carolina Republican legislators at the last second altered the deal they made with North Carolina Democrats. On Wednesday afternoon, NC Repub’s made a decision to alter the terms of the deal. The repeal bill that the Republicans proposed was not the repeal bill they told the NC Democrats they were going to propose. At the last second, NC Republicans added a moratorium to the ‘repeal bill’ .. the moratorium added was a moratorium on local nondiscrimination ordinances for six months. Due to the fact that the NC Republicans hold such a massive advantage [a supermajority] in the NC legislature, the moratorium aka “cooling off period” could easily be extended to six months! Therefore all of that money would have been spent to repeal HB2, and North Carolina would have had to wait for 6 months for HB2 to even reach it’s beginning of implementation. Due to the Republicans conniving together to add the moratorium at the last second, without alerting the Democrats — the Democrats balked. The compromise that the Dems had reached with the Repubs never included a moratorium. So basically, the Republicans completely trolled the Democrats and made them look like idiots!

Nice job, North Carolina Republicans! Totally swindled the Dems. LOL!

As you see, this triggered leftist ‘Maggie Miller’ said that the Republicans’ decision to add on the moratorium at the last second was “unfair”

The NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper vowed that he would repeal HB2, a bill that makes it illegal for ‘transgender’ people to choose a bathroom the opposite of their anatomical sex. Ever since NC Republicans passed HB2 earlier this year, the economy has taken a hit. The NBA cancelled it’s All-Star Game in NC because of the HB2 bill, which liberals & Democrats claim to be ‘anti-LGBT’ .. also the NCAA cancelled events in NC over the HB2 bill .. among other events have been cancelled in NC due to the HB2 bill.

Here’s a report from the highly-respected Breitbart:

The bill, which passed earlier in the year under the reign of Republican governor Pat McGrory, mandates that individuals must use bathrooms in government buildings that correspond to the gender in which they were born.  Opponents of the bill consider the law exclusionary and say that it discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

In my opinion, the HB2 bill helps ensure civility and safety when it comes to North Carolina restrooms. The women’s room is for humans with a vagina, and the men’s room is for humans with a penis. If I put on a dress and makeup and a wig and high-heels, I still have a penis — therefore I should not be allowed to walk into a girl’s room and whip my dingdong out in front of the ladies, just because I have a dress on and say I ‘self-identify’ as a lady. What’s next? If a turtle self-identifies as a Tyrannosaurus-rex are we just going to consider the little turtle a big dinosaur? Just because you have a mental illness [gender dysphoria] doesn’t mean you get to dictate reality. See, in your head, you may be a woman despite the fact biologically/anatomically you have penis. But just because of your mental illness/your delusion, doesn’t mean it’s true. See, I can go insane and have delusions of grandeur and claim that I am a VIP celebrity and I should be allowed into the most prestigious nightclubs for free — and I may believe that I am a VIP celeb. But it’s not reality, it is my delusion. Just because you may think you are a guy, yet you have a vagina, doesn’t mean you have the correct anatomy to go into the boy’s restroom .. and just because you may think you are a chick, despite the fact you have a chode, doesn’t mean your anatomy aligns with anatomies meant for the ladies’ room.

The upcoming NC Governor really promised to get HB2 eliminated .. but so far it is not looking like that promise will be fulfilled!

This is the intolerant left for you. Bow down to their cultural-Marxist agenda OR you’ll “see them in court” .. or whatever.

As you see, the Governor-elect of NC said that the Republicans had their shot “to do the right thing for North Carolina” but they didn’t. Umm, if the ‘right thing’ is signing a law into place that allows anyone to walk into any restroom, just because they ‘feel like it’, then I don’t wanna do the ‘right thing.’ Because what you are describing as the ‘right thing’ is really a sick thing. Trans-people have a mental issue that needs to be clinically-diagnoses and treated.

The cartoon above sums up my attitude towards transgendered people thinking they can walk up in the women’s restroom just because their mind [immorally] tells them they can because their distorted mind makes them feel like a woman, despite the fact they have a penis.

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