The never-ending war against Christmas continues… Muslims can mutilate genitals and liberals defend it but Christians can’t put up a nativity scene for Christmas.

American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] bullied a little town called Grant Parish, Louisiana. Grant Parish traditionally puts up a nativity scene during the Christmas season but this time ACLU came in and stopped them.

At the Grant Parish Courthouse sits a traditional nativity scene with the Virgin Mary and the child Christ. The nativity scene was a tradition in the area until the ACLU voiced opposition to the display.

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ACLU of New Orleans sent the city a letter saying that “the constitution doesn’t allow such a scene in isolation”..the ACLU demanded that they remove the nativity scene IF they don’t put up a secular scene of religious displays.

The ACLU is the liberal type of group that UNCONSTITUTIONALLY defends illegal aliens …yet has a problem with a tiny nativity scene.

Grant Parish District Attorney was not happy with the ACLU’s bullsh*t and says that the ACLU just has a “want to be offended.” He also added that the city of Grant Parish will not bow down to the politically-correct wishes of the intolerant left anymore. He said, “We are going to maintain this display through Christmas and I’m sure next year we will put up another display.”

One resident mocked the ACLU and basically [proverbially] told them to kiss his [or her] ass. They put up a picture of Santa Claus and a Reindeer and called it a ‘SECULAR DISPLAY’ .. Lol!


This is not the first time, and sadly won’t be the last time, that we see the ACLU bully Evangelicals. Just recently in Indiana, a small town was bullied into removing a cross from the top of their city Christmas tree due to the ACLU’s demands. The Indiana town’s residents protested the city council’s decision to cowardly ban to the wishes of the demonic/secular/intolerant ACLU. Read more here.