We’ve just recently discovered that the Mississippi black church which was burned beyond repair and spray-painted with pro-Trump language is nothing but a big, fat HATE HOAX!

Well last month The Young Turks completely denied any possibility that the burnt church [with ‘Vote Trump’ spray-painted on it] could be a hate hoax.

TYT‘s very own Cenk Uyger mocked people for conjecturing that the arson committed against the black church could [potentially] be a hate hoax. Cenk Uyger was so sure of himself that a Trump supporter actually carried out the bigoted attack on the historically African-American church. Cenk Uyger arrogantly asserted that a Trump supporter burnt the church and refused to give any time of day to think about ‘what if, just if, the burnt down church is a big hate hoax?’ .. Here is the video of Cenk Uyger making a fool of himself [like always]. Better watch the video now because I wouldn’t be surprised if TYT deletes the video, out of utter humiliation.

“Well, it could be a Democrat! It could be a liberal! You don’t know!” host Cenk Uygur jeered with dripping sarcasm.

“It could be Black Lives Matter, though perhaps not,” added host John Iadarola. “Vote Trump, very clear political message there.”

..so now it is pretty awkward for The Young Turks, since the black church arsonist was revealed to be a Hillary-supporting member of the congregation..and revealed NOT TO BE A TRUMP SUPPORTER.

The arsonist wanted it to appear as if a Trump fan did the heinous act, just to sway people’s opinion and convince them to not vote for Trump. As we saw, the hate hoax didn’t work.