Gavin McInnes has made a great point about cultural-Marxism and feminism being pushed on geeky stuff [that girls hate and boys love]:

” ‘We need more female superheroes!’ NO, WE DON’T. Women DON’T fantasize about breaking a bank robbery apart and getting all the bad guys.”

-Gavin McInnes

In comics and superhero films, women are usually the ‘damsel in distress’ .. nothing wrong with that at all, it’s natural and it’s always worked and the only people who are really offended by that are extremely-sensitive snowflakes/liberals/SJWs/feminists[femi-nazis]. Well, Marvel has not only decided to push their radical left-wing agenda onto their comics by implementing a female superhero, but they went full-blown crazy .. they made the superhero a Muslim chick. SERIOUSLY. Meanwhile, no comics/cartoons/shows/films in Muslim countries have made a Christian or Jewish superhero. Still waiting.

CBS News report:

The universe of superhero comics is populated by outcasts — those who don’t fit in, but who protect the world anyway.

But there’s never been a comic superhero quite like Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is just an average teen from Jersey City, who happens to have shape-shifting abilities. She also happens to be Muslim.

Yeaaah, just what young girls need as their role model .. a superhero girl that is apart of the most evil, historically-violent, barbaric cult of all time. A girl apart of an evil ‘religion’ that promotes genital mutilation of young women and implements the horrific Sharia Law. GREAT JOB, MARVEL. #Boycott!

Sana Amanat, the creator of the Muslim girl superhero, is a Muslim chick herself.

Obama seems to like it .. how does it feel to be converting this Judeo-Christian country to a MUSLIM HELLHOLE? We are doing it slowly!

“We didn’t want to tell a story about a Muslim or a South Asian. We wanted to tell a story about a young individual coming into their own and dealing with all of the obstacles that come with that journey to adulthood.”

-Sana Amanat

So umm, if you didn’t want to tell a story about a Muslim then why did you label her as a Muslim? She’s a superhero in a comic book, why did we need to know her religion?

Sana Amanat, without proof, claims that when she was a child that “after the first World Trade Center bombing” a kid came up to her in class and said “Hey, can you tell your people to stop attacking us?” .. she then said that “It was the first moment where I realized I was ‘the other’ and I was not included like everyone else.” Well, we don’t want to hear your pity party, Sana Amanat. If we went to Muslim nations, we would get killed [if you’re a woman then raped] for being a non-Muslim so don’t speak to us about tolerance, b*tch.

“I had one instance where right after the first World Trade Center bombing, this kid came up to me in class and was like ‘Hey, can you tell your people to stop attacking us? It was the first moment where I realized I was ‘the other’ and I was not included like everyone else.”

Of course, in the first ever comic featuring the Muslim superhero, Sana Amanat decided that she should turn into a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes..and then the Muslim superhero’s father convinces her that she is beautiful the way that she is and makes her transform back to a Muslim brown-skinned girl. Shocker.

Get ready to LOL at this next statement that Sana Anamat makes. Apparently this happens, as well, in the first comic of the Muslim superhero:

“The first page of the comic is her smelling a B.L.T. in the local convenience store,” Amanat says. “Bacon is forbidden is Islam and she’s a Muslim. It’s a moment where you are trying to be something you’re not.”

[from CBS]

Ok, so Sana Anamat obviously is trying to make her superhero’s story about her religion [despite what she said]. If she wasn’t trying to make it about her being a Muslim then she would never include the ‘forbidden bacon’ mess.


Marvel put the Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, on the front cover with the iconic Avengers. Marvel says that there was no ‘political message’ behind the decision .. sure, Marvel, sure. And notice how the top-line on the cover says ‘All New. All Different’ .. ugh, we get it, but when the hell will the entertainment industry quit forcing this diversity bullsh*t down our throats, good God almighty. Really sick that Marvel is indoctrinating your kids with Islam and trying to normalize Muslims .. sadly like other major industries and brands in the entertainment business, Marvel is going full-blown SJW with their new films, comics, and more. There was even one time when Marvel made Captain America say that you are a Nazi if you don’t open your borders for radical Muslim migrants. Ridiculous. Marvel is brainwashing YOUR children!