WARNING: This Post That Ian Karmel Put Out Is BEYOND Disturbing.

Ian Karmel is morbidly obese and honestly, I don’t think he’s gonna live another 10 years unless he gets some serious liposuction or goes on an intense diet. Ian Karmel is a comedian and he is a writer for the Late, Late Show [on CBS].

Just yesterday morning, the daughter of the President-elect was viciously harassed by a rabid homosexual couple. JetBlue employees kicked the homosexual couple off of the flight so that Ivanka Trump and her children could fly in peace. Read more about the horrifying situation here, or here.

Here’s the tweet in which the morbidly obese & extremely-unhealthy comedian Ian Karmel disgustingly & disturbingly condoned and endorsed the vicious harassment of the gorgeous woman, Ivanka Trump, and her great children.

Of course, I had to post the screenshot of the tweet because Ian “Doughboy” Karmel is just another cowardly liberal that deletes his tweets. As you see in the two tweets, Ian Karmel said that if he ever sees the daughter of the Prez-elect or any of the Prez-elect’s family — then he will harass the f*ck out of them. He then says, in his second tweet, “F*ck her and her sh*t family.”

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… well if Ian “Doughboy” Karmel spent as much time on the treadmill as he does talking sh*t behind a keyboard, then he would probably lose 100 pounds by now — getting him down to nearly 932 or 922 lbs.

So my message to this morbidly obese and disgustingly ugly comedian, Ian Karmel: QUIT TYPING WITH YOUR STUBBY FINGIES AND QUIT EATING ON THOSE CHUBBY TWINKIES. You need liposuction or Planet Fitness or both!


Also, as you see in the two tweets above, a Twitter user responded to one of the fatass comedian Ian Karmel’s tweets .. so Ian Karmel calls the Twitter user a ‘flagpole’ .. the Twitter user he insulted appears to be a veteran of the USMC, based off of his Twitter profile pic.

Blake Jackson

Ian Karmel just disrespected a US military man. Ian Karmel is a piece of sh*t.