Isn’t it funny [and infuriating] that Brian Williams is now lecturing you about ‘fake news’?

Folks, the liberally-biased/corporate/mainstream media is the epitome of FAKE NEWS. And we all know that. Heck, they said Hillary had like a 99.999999% chance of winning on Nov. 8th and next thing you know, it’s early morning on Nov. 9th and Trump is giving a victory speech. These are just a few [out of LITERALLY COUNTLESS] examples of fake news coming from the liberal media.

I’m using Return Of Kings article as a template.

10. Trump Made Fun Of A Reporter With Disability

Return Of Kings report:

Of all the hoaxes peddled by the media on Donald Trump in the past 18 months, this one was arguably the most glaringly obvious falsehood. The story goes that a Carlos Slim/Jeff Bezos blogger (otherwise known as the New York Times and the Washington Post, respectively), Serge Kovaleski, a man who suffers arthrogryposis, which gives him joint problems, was “mocked” by Donald Trump after a conflict over a story regarding Muslims celebrating on 9/11. To this day, Clinton News Network talking head Jake Tapper runs with this narrative as being objectively true. I’ll just let this one speak for itself.

As you just saw, pure proof and true evidence that Trump [generally] mocks all people like that. It’s kind of offensive that the liberal media drew a comparison of Trump acting a little goofy to a reporter with a disability.


9. GamerGate

Return of Kings report:

We’ve written extensively about GamerGate here, and for good reason, as it was the first true victory against the cultural left in many years. Yet the whole movement sprung as a result of “fake news” trickling into gaming media. Gamers, justly tired of being harangued and shamed by the fake news media, revolted against social justice intrusion in their space, but the revolt was characterized as a “targeted harassment campaign,” and nothing but that, for months on end by the “real news” media. Laughably, cases of “harassment” were brought to the FBI, which were then closed due to lack of evidence.

The media failed to understand the actors involved in the revolt and that was a key reason why GamerGate eventually won.

The fake news media’s arrogance and condescension acted as a blinder that failed to give it proper intelligence about the revolt and also caused more people to join it. It was a prelude of things to come.

One of the liberals/losers that tried to force Marxist-Feminist bullsh*t is Jonathan McIntosh. He lied about his father getting threatened.

[The rest of the article will feature excerpts from Return Of Kings]

8. The Assault On Roosh

In early 2015, Roosh wrote “How to Stop Rape.” His mistake was assuming that people were smart enough to see the point of the post and not put a disclaimer that it was satire. In the age of outrage, this was foolish. When he took his lecture tour in August of that year to Canada, perhaps the headquarters of social justice freaks, he was immediately slapped with the “pro-rape” label, stalked, hounded by mobs, and assaulted.

The mob behavior further increased in intensity during the meetup outrage in February, when hundreds of publications in dozens of countries collectively labeled Roosh as pro-rape. Roosh, of course, acted in the best way and took the fight straight to them.

Fake news. The media lied.

7. The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax

In late 2014, Rolling Stone released its infamous “A Rape on Campus” story. The “journalist,” Sabrina Rubin Erdely, went around campuses looking for a rape story that year. The University of Virginia tale spun by Jackie Coakley was the best she could find. While the outrage machine began after its publication, others quickly found discrepancies in the story and it unraveled. In the old days, any rookie journalist would have known not to publish this, but in the age of narrative spinning called real news, it went through. At least this time some justice has been done, as defamation lawsuits regarding the story have been successful.

Fake news. The media lied.

Stories like this unfortunately do damage beyond the parties immediately effected. They contribute to a culture of rape hysteria, which naturally puts men under unfair scrutiny and prevents meaningful relationships from forming, as an air of fear permeates.

And Obama has the gall to discuss “the problem of fake news” with this hoaxing outlet. Sometimes I wonder if they’re even trying to appear credible anymore.

6. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

August, 2014. Michael Brown, a black man, was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Early accounts had postured that Brown had his hands up in surrender and was shot anyway. The story was circulated widely by the media, along with pictures of Brown in his cap and gown. All of this led the audience to the conclusion that Brown was a good, upstanding citizen shot by racist police. It was perfect fodder for the desired narrative, which is why responsible journalists should have been skeptical. They weren’t.

And so the Black Lives Matter movement was born in the minds of the mainstream public (it started before this but it became mainstream after this incident). Of course all of the evidence that was collected contradicted this emotional tale. There was no “hands up, don’t shoot” incident.


LOL. That’s CNN for you. Sad! Oh, and the mainstream/liberal media tried to paint Michael Brown as a good kid — even though he robbed a market right before he died.

So with the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ dilemma ..Fake news. The media lied.

And it has continued to lie about the Black Lives Matter movement, which has already inspired murders. Case in point:

Hillary Clinton practically controls what the liberal media says and she got caught colluding with CNN, to cheat in a debate against Bernie Sanders .. And I don’t think anyone [with a brain .. therefore this doesn’t include liberals] thinks CNN ever reports with full honesty, they always distort facts and paint a different picture than reality. Here’s CNN getting caught telling a ‘live panel’ what questions to ask.

CNN, in all honesty, is probably the most frequent-spewer of fake news.

5. “Trump Can Never Win”


Here is another example of mainstream [lame-stream] liberal media pushing FAKE NEWS by saying Trump would not win. Here’s another, and another, and another,



And a lot more:

Very obvious that the liberal media repeatedly [seemingly endlessly] saying Trump won’t win — is FAKE NEWS.

Watch Kellyanne Conway own Clinton-crony, Robby Mook, about FAKE NEWS.

.. and then President-elect Trump sh*t-posted as always on Twitter and called out CNN [Clinton News Network] for pushing even more FAKE NEWS ! ! !

So remember when liberal/mainstream media said Trump would never win the Presidential Election?

Fake news. The media lied.

And they’re now upset over his victory tour. Fortunately, you’ll always have me to tell you the real story.

4. “Russian Hackers” And “Propaganda”

While the fake news media constantly accuses its opponents of peddling conspiracy theories, they peddled a big and far more dangerous one this year, that Russia, under the auspices of a Vladimir Putin that seems to be the person responsible for everything they hate, would do whatever bad thing they imagined in their nightmares.

We’ve often heard stories about “Russian hackers,” particularly in regard to Podesta’s emails, but he was seriously lax on his security, and it wouldn’t take the Russian equivalent of the NSA to hack his accounts.

The so-called attacks by “Russian hackers” on DNC servers was ambiguously reported by intelligence agencies as being such, but there may be another story.

Regardless of the veracity of these accusations, the emails were legitimate, and the Russian narrative took precedence in the media over this simple question—“should our politicians be acting this way?” The media, in their zeal for Hillary Clinton, largely ignored the newsworthiness of the leaked emails throughout the campaign. Small wonder, since many of those emails showed outright collusion that went undisclosed.

And then there’s the latest focus on Russian propaganda in the “fake news” crusade by the media. Jeff Bezos’ blog created what was essentially a blacklist, yet it was based on the most faulty of premises, as stated even by another premier hoaxing site.

Remember how Hillary and the liberal media condemned Trump because he did not confirm whether or not he would accept election outcome [Trump said this during Presidential campaign]? Well now Hillary and liberal media are the ones not accepting election outcome.

Hillary was caught rigging Democratic Primary, and liberal media is says that’s OK. But now with no evidence, the liberal media is flipping over Russia rigging election [which didn’t happen]?! WOW. #HypocrisyOfTheLeft
And the only reason the Democratic Party is using ‘Russian hacking’ as a scapegoat for their failure to beat Trump, is because they are so weak on digital security — that the Russians permeated their cyber-networks at the DNC. But, NEWS FLASH: Russia tried to hack into the RNC as well, but the Republicans were astute and protected themselves from the hacks.

3. The “Refugee” Crisis

This was (and is) one of the most transparent hoaxes of all time and impressive in its sheer audacity. Peaking in 2015, the media went to Europe to focus the spotlight as brightly as it could on “refugees,” showing the sorrowful faces of women and children, while in the background lurked…something else [that ‘something else’ is A LOT OF MUSLIM MEN, WITH NO WOMEN OR KIDS TO BE SEEN]

Related image


Image result for REFUGEE WELCOME political cartoon


Yeah, you guessed it. The vast majority of these refugees are military-aged men. Many, if not most of them, didn’t even come from Syria or any other conflict zone. If you asked any questions, you were “racist.”

Fake news. The media lied.

2. The Syrian Civil War

In what is perhaps the greatest long term failure in journalistic history, the media has shamelessly and flagrantly lied about the real situation in Syria ever since the war began in 2011, towing the line of their reverent political masters and their Saudi financial overlords.

Say it once and say it loudly: there. are. no. “moderate.” Syrian. rebels.

Instead, the West, Turkey, and the Gulf States have been training, arming, and supplying Islamist jihadists to overthrow a secular government that, while it may not be “nice,” keeps public order in place in a dangerous region of the world.

Quintus Curtius gives the best accessible overview of the war, which he has been closely following, on his website.

The media won’t report that our weapons have gotten into the hands of al-Qaeda and ISIS and it won’t report the real goings-on on the ground, how the people feel about the “rebels,” and so on. Instead we’ll simply get warmongering so-called journalists like crybaby Martha Raddatz prattling canned lines that basically amount to “BUT WHAT ABOUT ALEPPO?!”

The whole Syrian Civil War has been a five year extravaganza of “fake news.” The media lied.

1. The Invasion Of Iraq

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I don’t think there has ever been in modern times a single piece of journalistic failure that was so damaging and so far-reaching. Trillions of dollars have been spent, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and for what, exactly?

Throughout 2002 and early 2003 we were told the following things:

  1. Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.
  2. Saddam Hussein was connected to al-Qaeda.
  3. Iraq posed a threat to the United States.

None of these things were true, and the media, without much integrity, drummed up the war dutifully. Judith Miller of the publication now known as Carlos Slim’s blog was perhaps the biggest peddler of all behind that narrative.

Fake news. The media lied.

[The media also lied about Trump’s statements on the Iraq War. Trump REPEATEDLY SAID that we should never go into Iraq, BACK WHEN IT WAS UNPOPULAR TO SAY .. yet the liberal media lies and claims he didn’t. Hillary, on the other hand, voted for the Iraq War.]
Oh, and here’s an extra tidbit/giblet. Hillary gave a speech about ‘dangers of fake news’, yet she’s been peddling fake news for years. Remember when she claimed she got shot at? Debunked, debunked, debunked, exposed. Folks, the liberal media/mainstream media [same thing, different name] is nothing but fake news. They claim that Alex Jones is a liar and pushes fake news, but Alex Jones said Hillary hangs with Satanists — and that turned out to be true.
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