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Just yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump posted a bombshell tweet on Twitter. Take a look!

As you see, President-elect Trump’s tweet indicates that he may put in effort [and support efforts] to update the United States’ nuclear arsenal. Due to President Obama’s radical Iran nuke deal [which even Hillary Clinton secretly thinks is a horrible deal], we are on the brink of nuclear warfare at any moment. So I do understand why President-elect Trump posted this message to his Twitter!


During the next decade, U.S. ballistic missile submarines, bombers, and land-based missiles – the three legs of the nuclear triad – are expected to reach the end of their useful lives.

Maintaining and modernizing the arsenal is expected to cost at about $1 trillion dollars over 30 years, according to independent estimates.

Of course, many SJWs/liberals were very triggered and scared and alarmed by Prez-elect Trump’s nuke tweet. But it is only because they don’t even understand what he is saying. When Trump says “greatly strengthen” the capability of the nuclear weapons arsenal, that does not mean make a bunch of new nuclear warheads and nuclear weapons .. it just means update and replace the nukes we have. A well-informed person commented this on InfoWars: If your gonna keep an arsenal of nuclear weapons you may as well (and better well) keep them up to date.” What President-elect Trump tweeted is a very intelligent idea. It’s either invest and modernize our nuclear weapons program or let the communist Chinese be the only ones who invest and modernize.


Trump’s tweet didn’t make it entirely clear what he meant, but it sounded a loud alarm for critics worried he might adopt an aggressively hawkish military and foreign policy stance.

The president-elect’s communications director, Jason Miller, attempted to clarify the tweet later Thursday, saying Trump meant the United States must boost nuclear capability as a form of deterrence, which he said is a “vital way to pursue peace through strength.

It’s pretty blatant and clear that we have no choice! Updating the nuclear weaponry capabilities is not a bad idea, whatsoever. Read more in-depth about Trump’s tweet here and here.

P.S. Why are liberals flipping out about this tweet — yet those same liberals were perfectly okay with the Iran nuke deal and were perfectly okay with putting a well-documented warmonger in office, who only agreed to the very dangerous Iran nuke deal because she got paid to do it? And don’t liberals know that Hillary was going to start a nuclear war with Russia? Some well-informed people say that Hillary kind of wanted to start a nuclear war!

This speech is from September 2015 and it’s truly a passionate, fiery, tremendous, and logical speech. President-elect Trump lets you know why the Iran nuclear transaction sucks.

But back to my point, why do liberals get triggered by Trump, who only wants peace through strength — yet liberals are okay with a demonic warmonger like Crooked H?

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