Currently, Russia President Vladimir Putin is holding a big Q&A with the media. He was just asked about the accusations of Russia hacking into the US election. Russia President Putin issued a scorching response, by saying this:

“Losers always look for someone to blame, but they should first of all look at themselves. The most important thing is what was revealed. It’s not like people invented this information – what they reported is true. It showed how the Democratic Party manipulated the system against Bernie Sanders. Instead of apologizing, they began to look for people to blame.”

Russia President Putin continued on with his response to the accusations of Russia tampering in the US election. He said this:

“As for the details of conversations with President Obama, I never reveal the contents of private discussions with foreign leaders.”  

Ouch! What a burn! Putin totally owned the fraudulent Democratic Party. And as for Putin’s comment about the discussions he’s had with President Obama — I think we can guess that the discussions didn’t clarify things enough for Pres. Obama because he believes that Russia hacked into the US election.


You can watch the entire Q&A here:

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