Liberals cannot stand Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives, Christians, white men, etc .. but they can tolerate the most barbaric death-cult known to man, Islam. Once again, the liberals have come to the defense of a Muslim .. and this time it is a YouTube prankster.

The YouTube prankster, Adam Saleh, still states that it was not a ‘stunt’ or a ‘prank’ or a ‘social experiment’ .. he still claims that Delta Airlines removed him from the flight because he spoke Arabic. Delta has fought back against this charge, saying that they removed Adam Saleh because he was disturbing other passengers. Delta has tweeted out three statements about the incident thus far.

Delta Airline’s final statement [the above tweet] stated this:

Upon landing the crew was debriefed and multiple passenger statements collected.

Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting.

This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight.

While one, according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees.

It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.

So despite this OFFICIAL STATEMENT by Delta Airlines, and despite the fact that Delta Airlines have proven itself to be fair before [by kicking off an overly-rowdy Trump fan], the left is truly having a ‘hay-day’ over this and they’ve started the hashtag #BoycottDelta


Despite many passengers reaffirming the Delta statement and saying that Adam Saleh was stirring up problems like the prankster he is, other passengers have described the situation differently. And of course, Adam Saleh [aka the Muslim prankster] has called out the naysayers who describe the situation differently than he does. Adam Saleh called the passengers, who claimed he was being rowdy and troublesome, “racist.” Yep. Many passengers, all with no connection to each other whatsoever, have said that Adam Saleh was starting problems and disrupting the civility of the flight — and Saleh retaliated by calling them “racist.”

As you see, Adam Saleh’s partner-in-pranks has condemned passengers with a different story by calling them “racist”

Sooo isn’t it amazing how these Muslim pranksters act as if they are ‘holier than thou’ and oh-so tolerant .. well let’s take a look at some of Adam Saleh’s old tweets. Exposed!

so as you see, in 2012, Saleh made a really inflammatory statement about a tragic day- that was 9/11..and he even managed to insult blind people while he was at it.

And as you see, a hijab-wearin’ Muslim woman to the rescue .. trying to defend the intolerance of a fellow Muslim. Imagine if a white guy said something so insulting to 9/11 victims and blind people, there would be nobody saying “stop bringing up his past” .. but since it’s a Muslim guy, he gets a pass. LOL.

here we go again, as you see, just 3 years ago in December 2013. Adam Saleh told his friend to “stop being such a jew” .. this is just a revealing statement, showing how Adam Saleh [as a Muslim] feels as if he is superior to Jewish people, whether it’s subconcious or not. He literally used ‘Jew’ as an insult, as if being a Jew is a bad thing. Muslims, who have done nothing but oppressed throughout history, can get away with viciously referring to Jewish people that way [despite the fact that Jews are one of the most oppressed religions in history]. Imagine if a Christian white male said “stop being such a jew”, backlash would be intense and vigorous. Imagine if someone told somebody to quit being such a Christian — no one would bat an eye. Imagine if ANYONE OF ANY RACE, GENDER, RELIGION [besides Islam] said “stop being such a MUSLIM” .. the backlash would be vigorous, intense, and potentially DEADLY. This is the Muslim double-standard. They can come to our country and force all of their culture on us, all of their political agendas, all of their Islamic values upon us. Muslims can come to our countries and moan, b*tch, and complain about our “intolerance” of them — and the Muslims can get away with it. But if we go to a Muslim country then we will get our head cut off, or genitals mutilated, or raped, or tortured, or stoned, or lashed or something else that’s terrible — why would Muslim countries do this? Because we are nonMuslims. In Muslim countries, you must be a Muslim and lived by their brutally astute and oppressive Islamic ‘principles’ .. and if you don’t then you get killed .. heck, Muslims don’t even let us live in their hellholes called  countries, they are the most intolerant and racially-intolerant ever. Muslim countries are brutally oppressive to women, misogynistic, barbaric, and don’t allow any other religion but Islam .. and nobody is allowed to build a church or a synagogue — MOSQUES ONLY. But Muslims leave their countries and come to our free-lands of Judeo-Christian values, and they DEMAND THEY GET SPECIAL TREATMENT for being a Muslim..and they DEMAND YOU TO ALLOW THEM TO BUILD MOSQUES EVERYWHERE AND ADVANCE THE CALIPHATE, even though you cannot build your religious temple of choice in their country.. and the Muzzies come here and DEMAND YOU BE TOLERANT, despite the fact they are the most intolerant religion of any religion of all time history. And Muslim women DEMAND YOU TO RESPECT THEM and RESPECT WOMEN, even though their Muslim homeland countries are the most MISOGYNISTIC PLACES in the entire world and their countries brutally, barbarically, sadistically, demonically oppress, raped, kill, beat women. So Muslims get their own countries to be intolerant bigots and misogynists, but you [Christian male/female or Jewish male/female or atheist/agnostic male/female of the western world] must bow to the Muslims’ wishes once they come here.

so this Muslim woman does what all Muslims do.. DEMAND THAT YOU RESPECT THE MUSLIM’S INTOLERANCE. You must “stop bring up his past” and you must respect the disrespectful Muslim and YOU Must Tolerate the Muslim Intolerance. You must not be hateful towards the hateful Muslim. You must not be defensive towards the offensive Muslim. YOU MUST SIT THEIR AND TAKE IT. YOU MUST SUBMIT [the meaning of Islam is ‘submit’]. Do you see where I am going with this? Don’t let these Muslims come here and bully YOU around. Let them know what the f**k is up. Now here is the rest of the tweets.

This is the briefcase video, the twitter user refers to. The briefcase was the ULTIMATE UNDOING of Adam Saleh’s “kicked off plane cuz i spoke arabikkk” tall-tale.

DESPITE ALL OF THE EVIDENCE THAT SALEH IS LYING HIS INTOLERANT, LYING MUSLIM ASS OFF and despite all of Saleh’s inconsistencies in his story, he is still refusing to admit that Delta did not discriminate against him for speaking Arabic .. Saleh still refuses to admit that he got kicked off of the Delta flight for being a loud, obnoxious, self-important, disruptive, rude, shrewd, prude prick.

.. In the next series of tweets, you will see an Arabic man who flies on Delta Airlines all the time with his Arabic friends — and speaks Arabic on the Delta flights, say that he has never been booted off by Delta for speaking Arabic.

I mean folks .. Saleh is a liar. And he is trying to make it seem as if he is the Muslim being oppressed and you should feel bad for the poor little Islamic boy — despite the fact his people, his culture, his Islamic nations are the most intolerant and oppressive people/places on the planet. Saleh is anti-Semitic, bigoted towards blind people and thinks it’s funny to joke about the tragic attack of 9/11, and he ALSO SAYS THAT THE MEDIA LIED about Muslims doing the Boston Bombing and called for the ‘freedom’ of the terrorist who brutally blew up the city of Boston that terrible day.


Here’s Alex Jones and InfoWars on the report as they speak about the big hoax that is #BoycottDelta.