Hillary Clinton has repeatedly made it known that she hates black people.

Hillary pandered for the black vote but it did not work to the extent that she wanted it to. Even the founder of Black Lives Matter told people not to vote for Hillary. Hillary labeled young African-American children as “super-predators”, she called a black person the N-WORD [she’s UNDOUBTEDLY done this a lot but there’s one time that is verified], and she went on a radio talk show [with many African-American listeners] and said she always carries hot sauce with her.

Sure, she smiles in public and panders to black people — but she secretly hates black people. Not only does Hillary hate black people, she hates other minority races as well.

Remember when her campaign was caught saying that people of Latin-descent are needy?

Here are just a few [out of many] times that Hillary Clinton showed her TRUE RACISM.

*I am using this report as a template.*


Black “super-predators.”In the 1990s, the Clintons sold themselves as Democrats who would, unlike liberals, attack the Sister Souljahs of the world. Hence her attack on “super-predators,” a remark whose racial tinge Clinton now says she regrets.

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Not only did Hillary call young black kids “super-predators” but she also [as you just saw and heard] said “we have to bring them to heel.” She literally said we need to bring young, troubled black Americans ‘to heel’ as if they are animals and not humans.

Wow… Hillary is truly deplorable.

“Colored People’s Time.” Running for president again, Clinton participated in a bad racist joke designed to prove her cultural competence with blacks while still appealing to the perceived prejudices of those “hard-working … white Americans.”

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This video proves how much the Democrats dislike [if not HATE] black people. Democrats have hated black people for a VERY, VERY, VERY longtime.

Hillary Clinton PRAISES [her mentor] The ‘Exalted Cyclops’ of the Ku Klux Klan, Senator Robert Byrd. Not only does Hillary claim that the longtime white supremacist, Robert Byrd, is a great ‘friend’ and great ‘mentor’ of hers. But Hillary also says that the KKK Exalted Cylops represents all of the good things in America.

“There’s an old Mexican proverb that says ‘Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are,’” said Hillary Clinton. [well we see who Hillary Clinton walks with: an anti-black, high-ranking KKK member]


Not only does Hillary consider a former Ku Klux Klansman to be her good “friend and mentor”, but Hillary is also a good friend of David Brock [longtime Clinton ally]. According to Brent Budowsky [another Clinton ally], David Brock thinks black people are idiots. So Hillary is allied with a KKK member and a guy who thinks blacks are stupid. Niiiice, reeeal niiiice, Hillary Clinton .. reeeal niiiice. Oh, and remember the time that Hillary’s good friend, VP Joe Biden, FALSELY CLAIMED that Republicans wanted to enslave African-Americans? Ummm..sorry, VP Biden .. but the Republican Party is the party that fought to free blacks from slavery [implemented by Democrats]. Hey, you ever notice how the Democratic Party is the REAL RACIST PARTY? The Dems are the party of SLAVERY, SEGREGATION, JIM CROW LAWS, etc .. and the Repub’s are THE PARTY that FOUGHT AGAINST & ENDED slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow Laws. Also, remember when Bill Clinton claimed that Trump’s campaign slogan was ‘anti-black’ and racist? Uhh, Bill .. you once used Trump’s campaign slogan in 1992. So I guess you [Bill Clinton] think that ‘Make America Great Again’ is anti-black? If the MAGA slogan is racist [which it isn’t] then why did you use it in 1992, Bill? Hmmm…Bill Clinton needs to explain himself. Heck, one of the greatest [some say that he’s unequivocally the greatest] US Presidents ever, Ronald Reagan used to say “Let’s Make America Great Again” .. so is Bill Clinton [rapist/racist] really saying that Reagan’s a racist? That’s just as ridiculous as saying Trump’s racist. OH AND REMEMBER WHEN BILL CLINTON USED THE CONFEDERATE FLAG ON HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN? Oh yeah! And remember when Bill and Hillary used to honor the Confederate Flag? YEAH! Wow.. Well, let’s be truthful, folks. ‘Bill and Hill‘ probably STILL honor the Confederate Flag [they just do it privately now .. since Hillary does have public and private policies].

Above is an image of Seddique Mateen [the father of the radical Muslim that killed nearly 50 people and injured numerous others in a gay nightclub]

Days after Hillary said that white people need to do a better job acknowledging the problems that black people face in America, she proved that she could care less about black Americans’ problems.

“I am not a super predator, Hillary Clinton. Will you apologize for calling for mass incarcerations? You called Black people super predators.”-Ashley Williams [protester in video]

As you just saw, an African-American lady was peacefully protesting against Hillary. She made it clear that Hillary needs to apologize for supporting legislation that led to the mass incarceration of black Americans. The lady also demanded that Hillary apologize for calling young black children “super-predators.” Instead of Hillary using this moment to practice what she preaches, she instead RUDELY confronted the lady and had her QUICKLY KICKED OUT of the event. How despicable!

Oh, and here’s the time Hillary called a black attendant the ‘n-word.’

Someone please tell me why liberals/progressives ignore Hillary’s blatant & well-known racism but viciously demonize Trump for ‘being a racist’ [when he’s not a racist, whatsoever]. Trump has been recognized for empowering black Americans and for DECADES UPON DECADES he has hired ALL RACES [men and women] to work for him. Trump was being recognized by Jesse Jackson while Hillary was talking about bringing black kids/”super-predators” to heel.

Folks, these are just a few instances [OUT OF COUNTLESS TIMES] in which Hillary brought out her racist side. Hillary has always tried to hide her racism but she truly hates blacks and Hispanics. But folks, Hillary is mentally-deranged. Hillary Clinton once laughed when she got a pedophile rapist out of charges [despite the fact a little girl [the victim] had been brutally raped and was in a coma] .. Hillary also laughed when Trump mentioned ‘gays being thrown off of buildings by Muslims’ [which shows her inner-hatred of gays, just like this e-mail does]. Hillary Clinton is a TERRIBLE PERSON. Hillary is DEEPLY-IMMORAL. Hillary idolized a Luciferian/Satanist. Heck, she is practically a Satanist [we know her campaign manager is].

Folks, Hillary is a witch… and her husband Bill isn’t much better.

The Clintons suck!

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