“You know what a liberal’s worst nightmare is? A Latino Republican.”

“F**k you, MTV and anyone else that has a problem with white guys, white people, and that hate white people in general.”

That Latino Republican [named ‘Frank Legend’ on YouTube] completely eviscerated MTV. With logic and pizazz. You can also see Gavin McInnes [Rebel Media] eviscerate MTV for the racist/sexist/anti-white video, as well! Just click here. Here are some other good responses to MTV’s ‘anti-white male’ video.

MTV deleted the ‘anti-white male’ video after SEVERE BACKLASH. MTV has not apologized and probably never will [but if it was a derogatory video about any other group besides ‘white men’, MTV would have already apologized 3 times..maybe 4]. This isn’t the first time MTV has bashed white people and [or] white men. MTV has made it a habit, but this arrogant ‘New Year’s Resolution’ video for white men struck a nerve in many people across America, therefore it was enough to make MTV delete the video. Despite the fact that MTV withdrew the video, it will forever remain as a digital giblet in the internet. Watch it here.

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