The real problem is not in the fictional universe of Star Wars, but in our own modern societies.  When we encourage young men to imagine themselves fighting to protect a woman, he must imagine that once he arrives to save the day he will be met with feminist snark “What took you so long?”

What sane young man is going to dream of fighting to be yet another punchline in our feminist society?  Good men who do heroic things are suckers and buffoons in our culture.

This article is about how liberalism is destroying Star Wars .. especially the ‘feminist segment’ of liberalism.

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Star Wars Rogue One had it’s world premiere earlier this month in California. And a conservative artist had some retaliation for the SJW liberals in attendance.. Two of the writers for Rogue One have said that President-elect Trump’s cabinet represents white supremacy.


“.. two of the writers on the film emerged as avid social justice warriors and anti-Trumpers. Both Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta have taken to the kind of moral preening that almost only seems appropriate and logical to the delusional inhabitants of suffocatingly tiny intellectual bubbles.”




On November 11, 2016, Rogue One writer Chris Weitz tweeted: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” He later deleted that tweet after receiving lots of complaints from other Twitter users, many of whom asked him to stop “injecting politics” into Star Wars. Weitz clarified in one response tweet, “My apologies. You have a right to enjoy it as you wish; and I don’t wish to harm my colleagues’ work either.”

Weitz’ colleague, Gary Whitta, had already written his own response to the tweet comparing the Star Wars Empire to white supremacy, which said: “Opposed by a multicultural group led by brave women.” Whitta’s tweet has also since been deleted.

After these tweets were put out, many people voiced their outrage about ONCE AGAIN liberal/SJW/Marxist political viewpoints being invoked in movies [especially a movie that carries the classic title of ‘STAR WARS’]. Due to the backlash, the Rogue One writer apologized on Twitter. But then the writer eventually deleted his Twitter.

This mother revealed to the Rogue One writer that her autistic son is pro-Trump and a huge Star Wars fan .. she said her son was disappointed with how intolerant the Rogue One writer Chris Weitz is towards conservatives/Trump supporters.

The other writer of Rogue One said that President-elect Trump is a Nazi.

Star Wars is an iconic and classic movie franchise. It dates back to 1977 when people first fell in love with the franchise. Many Trump supporters and conservatives love Star Wars, so it’s disappointing to witness Star Wars being taken over by a bunch of liberal/SJW movie staffers. Even Mark Hamill [Luke Skywalker] has voiced his disdain for President-elect Trump, which shows his intolerance towards Trump-supporters.

Due to the intolerant people behind the making of Rogue One [and due to the fact that these intolerant, arrogant SJW-Marxist liberals have taken over the iconic name of Star Wars and used the platform to riddle it with their radical/liberal/progressive/anti-American political agenda], a big hashtag surfaced #DumpStarWars

“Hard-working Americans are getting sick of the left invading every institution, school, and movie with their Cultural Marxism. Everyone knows Star Wars is a story of the ordinary people fighting for freedom against the evil galactic Establishment.”

-Jack Posobiec, investigative journalist and CitizensForTrump special projects director

Due to the intolerant liberals behind-the-making of Rogue One, a conservative street artist TOTALLY TROLLED their world premier [took place on December 10th].

The pro-Trump artwork surrounded the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, California [where the Rogue One world premiere took place].


“Rogue Won” faux movie advertisements were strategically erected under cover of darkness just prior to this weekend’s Rogue One world premiere at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Conservative street artist Sabo claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were aimed directly at cultural marxists and divisive leftist drones whose hijacking of Hollywood has finally met with resistance from Americans sick of political correctness.

His “Rogue Won” parodies feature Trump and likenesses of prominent supporters – Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, as well as Julian Assange, who played a critical role in exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Pro-Trump street artist, Sabo, also released some Donald Trump/Star Wars bumper stickers!

..and he wishes you a DEPLORABLE CHRISTMAS! ;)

I’ve seen Rogue One twice since it came out last week, and I must admit — it’s a thrilling film. But I’m disappointed that progressive/Marxist/SJW liberals are now using the prestigious Star Wars platform to push their anti-American/Cultural Marxist political agenda. It’s disrespectful to the legendary Star Wars name be. Very sad to see Star Wars abused like this. Star Wars has been converted to a feminist/SJW/liberal propaganda film series ever since George Lucas sold it to Disney [ever since Disney took over, crazy feminist Kathleen Kennedy has overseen the Star Wars films].


This is what Rebel Media’s own, Gavin McInnes, said about this feminist bullsh*t being shoved into the new Star Wars films:

“Let me explain something to you about the vast majority of humans..

Boys [most boys] have fantasies about going *pow-pow,pew pew*[shooting guns and waving lightsabers], wimp boys don’t..

.. and as far as girls go [maybe 5 percent, or maybe the tomboys] have fantasies about [shooting guns and waving lightsabers] that.

.. But now because we have to ram this diversity down everyone’s throat, it’s all about chicks and it’s all about anti-male.”

That perfectly sums it up, and it’s very true. This liberal movement in Hollywood is trying to feminize men and make young boys [who love Star Wars] feel bad for acting like boys. Most little girls don’t really care much for Star Wars, especially in comparison to boys.

” ‘We need more female superheroes!’ NO, WE DON’T. Women DON’T fantasize about breaking a bank robbery apart and getting all the bad guys.”

-Gavin McInnes

Little boys LOVE STAR WARS, and little girls love stuff like Hannah Montana and One Direction [or whatever the hell’s on Disney Channel]. But since like maybe a few tomboys [here or there] MIGHT somewhat enjoy Star Wars, Kathleen Kennedy and the radical femi-nazis of Hollywood want to slap in women as the main war heroes of the films. Like, uhhh, sorry — I know a lot of women and none of them give a damn about geeky sci-fi films [Star Wars]. My sister thought The Force Awakens was stupid, mainly because the main hero/warrior/Jedi of the film was a woman. Like why make the main hero a woman? Most little girls don’t give a damn about Star Wars. Most little boys love Star Wars. So why not give those Star Wars-loving little boys a male Jedi as the main character? So they can take home a male Jedi action figure [instead of a little boy buying a female Jedi action figure and then getting home and seeing his little sister playing with Barbies and then his little sister asks why he doesn’t have a boy action figure].

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Here’s the Bottom Line: CULTURAL MARXISM / LIBERALISM / PROGRESSIVISM [which is not progressive but is really regressive]/ FEMINISM is all about emasculating men for being natural men & brainwashing little boys to be subservient to women and practically worship them and ‘tread lightly’ around them so your natural boy traits don’t ‘oppress’ them. Feminism is all about brainwashing boys [and men, who are weak-minded enough to fall for it] to believe that being a boy is a ‘privilege’ and you need to feminize yourself and emasculate yourself and become an effeminate sack-of-flesh]. And folks, if you fall for the feminist-BS, then 10 or 20 or 30 years from now you will be in your mama’s basement seeing successful women and successful alpha males on TV .. or you will be in a cardboard box on the side of the road, and you will look up and see women in dress-suits, carrying briefcases and talking on the phone in pursuit to an important work meeting — and you’ll wonder to yourself, WHY COULDN’T YOU BE SUCCESSFUL LIKE THAT? And then you’ll see men in tuxedos on their way to important work meetings, and you’ll get the impulse to ask one of them how the hell they got success and you didn’t. And then you will realize it’s because you marginalized yourself, lessened your goals, lost your aggressive nature/drive to succeed .. why? Because you were brainwashed by 3rd-wave feminism [and feminism in general].

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