An absolutely gorgeous German model, Anabel Schunke, was kicked off of Facebook for revealing that a Muslim migrant SEXUALLY HARASSED her. Here’s the report:

 Anabel Schunke Booted From Facebook for Revealing Sexual Harassment Against Herself


Yeah, people! Quit being bigoted Islamophobes! I agree with Facebook, all anti-Muslim people should not be allowed on the platform. Muslims will kill you if you’re not Muslim in their country and they will not let you build a church or synagogue there — so we should definitely be more tolerant and allow them to build mosques all over our Judeo-Christian country. Quit being bigoted, xenophobic, intolerant pigs .. Oops, I should not have called you anti-Islam people “pigs” because in the religion of Allah, the pig is a sacred creature.

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In the video above, Paul Joseph Watson interviews the beautiful German model, Anabel Schunke. Schunke says that she no longer feels safe to walk out in public in HER OWN COUNTRY due to the intolerant, raping, thieving, murdering, abrasive, sexually-assaulting Muslim migrants.

In the quote below, if you see an asterisk ‘*‘, that means I intervened in the quote so you have a better understanding of what she stated.

“Life in Germany has totally changed *[since Muslim migrants have invaded the country] .. I have to say.

I talk a lot with other women. For example, they write me mails. The whole day, they are scared of going out. They ask themselves what to wear when they go out ..

Especially, the life of the women in Germany has totally changed.”

-Anabel Schunke

I’ve never been to Germany [and I never wanna go because of what Merkel’s Muslims have done] but I can tell that life in Germany has totally changed. Anabel Schunke said life has changed “especially” for the German women ..

When the German government NOW TELLS WOMEN to wear tennis shoes in public so they can avoid getting raped [also avoid getting beaten/killed] by Muslim migrants, it’s clear that the life for women has COMPLETELY CHANGED FOR THE UTTER WORSE in Germany. Heck, a Syrian migrant that writes for HuffPo BLAMED GERMAN WOMEN for getting raped by the Muslim refugees. Ridiculous!
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