“We’re going to be burning letters all night .. IT’S OVER. We’ve got a new president. Thanks America.”

A very great sheriff in Ohio had a fiery response to the fragile snowflakes and Anti-Trump people who sent him numerous letters, pleading him not to vote for Trump. Sheriff Richard Jones isn’t the only elector who has received these types of letters.

Wow, what a fiery response! The video above is only one of three videos showing Sheriff Jones burning anti-Trump mail. Sheriff Jones tweeted out three videos of him burning the anti-Trump letters. Click here to see the rest.

Excerpt from report:

Jones cast his ballot for Trump and Mike Pence during the nationwide Electoral College vote on Monday, but before the voting took place, the sheriff received piles of letters–he claims thousands–in the mail asking him to support someone other than Trump, Law Newz reported.

Sheriff Jones received thousands of anti-Trump letters, but all of them turned to dust!

Electoral College vote has concluded and Trump will be next POTUS!

Here’s Sheriff Richard Jones giving a passionate speech at a Trump rally earlier this year.

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