The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is truly a despicable woman and SHE IS NOT A LEADER, whatsoever. Despite the fact that her RADICAL,LIBERAL,’PROGRESSIVE’,PRO-ISLAM/PRO-MUSLIM agenda has resulted in countless deaths of German people [along with COUNTLESS RAPES of German people, along with assaults and more] she is going to continue to BLAME ‘Islamophobic’ Germans for not being ‘tolerant’ enough to handle INTOLERANT-RADICAL-‘SHARIA LAW LOVING’-MURDERERS aka the Muslim ‘migrants.’

Not a shocker at all: The Tunisian-Muslim ‘migrant’ [that waged jihad on the INFIDELS and killed / severely injured all of those German Christians in the Berlin Christmas Market Attack] is a SOLDIER of the ISLAMIC STATE [I.S.I.S.]

Well in another display of weakness conveyed by the German gov’t [under the leadership of Imam Merkel, whoops, I mean Chancellor Merkel], a RADICAL MUSLIM ATTACK that killed AT LEAST 12 and injured at least 48 more COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED if the Germans could have gotten Tunisia to accept their stupid Muslim migrant back.

Highly respected USA TODAY reported:

German lawmaker Stephan Mayer said after being briefed by security officials Wednesday that the new suspect, whose wallet was found in the truck, is thought to be Tunisian with links to Islamic extremists. He said the man was apparently supposed to be deported from Germany earlier in the year.

Ralf Jaeger, the interior minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the man registered for asylum according to media reports, said authorities rejected his asylum application in July.

Another valid source, AOL, reported:

The man had been considered a potential threat by security authorities since November. After being turned down for asylum, he should have been deported but could not be returned to Tunisia because his documents were missing, added Jaeger.


Here is what the MURDEROUS MUSLIM looks like:

Stupidly, the dumb bimbo [Jenan Moussa] blurred the eyes of the Tunisian-Muslim aka ISIS SOLDIER. So people let her know how dumb of a tw*t she is.

And then some LIBERAL DIPSH*T, Timothy Lune, actually tried to justify blurring the ISIS soldier’s eyes out…

So Mathijs Koenraadt responded with a delicious blend of SARDONIC MOCKERY & ICE-COLD-LOGIC.

And other people chimed in to lash out at the dumb bimbo reporter that blurred the radical Muslim’s eyes out.

This one was pure mockery but purely hilarious.

Here are other responses:

USA TODAY also reported:

“The prospect that the perpetrator is a recent migrant is fueling an anti-immigrant backlash in Germany, which has admitted nearly 1 million people fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migration policy.”
Really, USA TODAY? You are a very reliable and trustworthy source but get real on this statement. ‘The prospect’ that the perpetrator is a Muslim migrant? Uhhh, he is. It’s obvious. No one else BUT MUSLIM MIGRANTS drive big-ass vehicles into CHRISTMAS MARKETS in the name of ALLAH. And of course it’s ‘fueling an anti-immigrant backlash in Germany’! SO MANY GERMANS HAVE BEEN VICIOUSLY ASSAULTED and/or KILLED by these ‘refugees’. German women are ESPECIALLY ENDANGERED because Muslim migrants have raped them nonstop and killed them, as well. And USA TODAY, don’t even say ‘under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migration policy’ –that’s the problem, she doesn’t have a migration policy. She just leaves the borders wide open and ignores all of the killings, rapings, and attacks that are CONSTANTLY/NONSTOP committed by the Muslim ‘migrants.’

Germany is done for under Chancellor Merkel. Honestly, she may have already damaged it BEYOND REPAIR [I think she has, you can’t reverse what TERRIBLE THINGS she’s done in such a short time].

Here’s a report by Fox News earlier today…

Unreal that Tunisia would not accept him back, despite the fact he obviously is a Tunisian [you can tell by his race that he isn’t from Europe]. Heck, if I was in charge of the German gov’t, I would just fly him over a Syrian war-zone [maybe give him a parachute, but probably not] and kick his ass outta the helicopter. Boom. Problem solved. And this Christmas market attack would have never occurred, therefore many German families would be having a joyous Christmas season instead of mourning the loss of their loved ones…