Some people are concerned about President-elect Trump’s cabinet so far, but Roger Stone [well-known Trump confidante] has calmed some nerves. Roger Stone revealed he recently confronted Trump about the globalists [such as Goldman Sachs people] he is putting in his administration, but Roger Stone said that Trump reaffirmed him. Roger Stone said he learned that Trump’s only bringing in the globalists [among other people who are corrupt] because they’re the most capable for the job. Here’s what Roger Stone revealed about his conversation with Trump:

“When I spoke to him last, I said to him, ‘You’ve got an awful lot of guys from Goldman Sachs.’ And he [Trump] said, ‘Yeah, you know why? They’re really, really smart guys, but if anybody doesn’t think I’m making policy and they’re carrying it out they don’t understand why I hired them.’”

Roger Stone said Trump’s cabinet selections may make you worry, but you don’t need to worry because Trump is only putting them in roles because they are smart people who can get the job done. But Trump is still standing strong with his policies and the people in his cabinet will follow his orders.

“He’s in charge here.”-Roger Stone [talking about Prez-elect Donald Trump]

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