Former President Bill Clinton recently said his wife, Hillary, lost because of Russia President Putin and “angry, white men.”

Now I will admit, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had a crushing response to Bill’s radical claim — but Prez-elect Trump’s personal aide / former campaign manager had a better one.

As you just watched in the video above, Kellyanne Conway said Bill Clinton’s comments were an “insult” .. she also said that Bill Clinton is the only angry white man.

“He seems pretty ‘angry white male’ and that’s too bad, because he’s a former president. We have enormous respect for him and his legacy, as it were.”

-Kellyanne Conway

And as you saw, Kellyanne also mentioned that Trump had a diverse array of voters. She said Trump “had a very broad coalition in this win.” Trump won a big chunk of the Hispanic vote and won more of the African-American vote than McCain and Romney ever did. Kellyanne then noted that Trump flipped many Democratic Party strongholds to red.

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