Mexican billionaire/Mexican kingpin, Carlos Slim, and President-elect Donald Trump .. two MEGA-BILLIONAIRES, two EXTREMELY WEALTHY MEN [both with money and assets of tremendous proportions], were big-time-billionaire rivals for over a year-and-a-half, DURING TRUMP’s RUN FOR THE U.S. PRESIDENCY.

CARLOS SLIM and DONALD TRUMP .. two extremely wealthy and successful businessmen/entrepreneurs .. and two big billionaires that have rap songs named after them.

So how in the world did this meeting get set up between Slim and Prez-elect Trump? Well, let’s take a look!

President-elect Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Mexican kingpin billionaire Carlos Slim met a little over 10 days ago to secure a meeting between Slim and Trump.  And over the weekend, Carlos Slim visited President-elect Trump’s gorgeous mansion [Mar-a-Lago resort] for the meeting.

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Based off of President-elect Trump’s tweet, it seems like the meeting went as nicely as it could have possibly went.

President-elect Trump also said the meeting was a “lovely dinner” and called Carlos Slim a “wonderful man.”

Here is everything we know about the Trump-Slim meeting, as of right now:

  • On December 9th, President-elect Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski went to Mexico City to officially plan the meeting. Carlos Slim then called President-elect Trump about getting together for the meeting. And boom, over the weekend — the meeting happened!

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Prez-elect Trump & Mexican kingpin Slim are two of the most richest men of all time and are both two of the greatest businessmen ever. And over the weekend, they got together for a BOMBSHELL MEETING.
  • The primary purpose of the meeting was establishing a ‘friendly line of communication’ [according to The Hill]
  • Carlos Slim left the meeting with a ‘very good vibe’

  • Carlos Slim’s son-in-law, Arturo Elias, said that his father-in-law ‘was left with a very positive taste in his mouth regarding the relationship with Mexico’ & Elias also said that the meeting went ‘very cordial and with a very good vibe for Mexico.’

These two tweets were sent out by Carlos Slim’s son-in-law, Arturo Elias. Obviously they are in Spanish but if you translate it to English you can see he said: The President-elect of the United States @realDonaldTrump was kind enough to invite Carlos Slim to a very cordial [meeting], with a very good spirit for Mexico and the Mexicans’

  • According to highly-respected Reuters: ‘Elias said he had no further details when asked if the meal had left Slim with a sense that Mexico was unlikely to face a major economic shock when Trump takes office on Jan. 20.’
  • The meeting has [reportedly] ‘raised hopes in Mexico’s business community that Trump might reconsider his vow to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] and be persuaded to adopt less hard-line immigration and economic policies, which were cornerstones of his campaign.’
  • Despite the meeting being a very cordial one, ‘Trump has made no declaration of any shift in his immigration or trade policies’ [according to this report] 

  • The meeting was [reportedly] not based so much on policy, but based more on establishing a friendly relationship between the two mega-billionaires. Carlos Slim, along with the Mexican government, are going to try their best to ‘preserve NAFTA by proving Mexico’s worth to the U.S. economy’
*Back before NAFTA was ever signed, President-elect Trump correctly predicted that NAFTA would be a one-sided trade deal and only benefit Mexico. And that’s exactly what it’s been. President-elect Trump has promised to renegotiate NAFTA to where it benefits the USA as greatly as it does Mexico OR just abolish NAFTA all together.*


So it is very nice to know that the meeting went great between the two mega-billionaire moguls. As we all know, President-elect Trump and Carlos Slim have an EXTREMELY VOLATILE history with each other. Despite the fact that Prez-elect Trump did speak nicely about Slim on the David Letterman Show once, it’s [Trump & Slim’s relationship] been all downhill from there.


It all started after President-elect Trump announced that he was running back in June 2015.

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Trump’s statements about illegal immigrants and building the wall on the southern border really set Carlos Slim off — and then Carlos Slim RUDELY & ABRUPTLY cancelled business deals that he had already made with Trump.

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After Trump’s Presidential announcement, Ora TV [owned by Carlos Slim] cancelled a TV show deal with Trump [mainly due to the fact that the liberal media made it seem as if Trump’s statements were racist, when they truly were not].

“We can confirm that we WERE working on a television project with Trump that has been dropped.”

-spokesperson for Ora TV [this statement was made June 30, 2015 — approximately two weeks after Trump’s Presidential campaign announcement]

Then, Carlos Slim’s son-in-law [Arturo Elias] said that Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants were ‘racist’ and “totally out of line.”

Also, we know that Carlos Slim owns The NY Times [big-time liberal rag and the epitome of FAKE NEWS IN AMERICA]. The NY Times repeatedly lied about President-elect Trump [and they still do] throughout his historic, monumental, staggering, groundbreaking Presidential campaign. During the campaign, Prez-elect Trump labeled NY Times reporters as puppets for their owner, Carlos Slim. Prez-elect Trump also slammed Slim for donating to the corrupt, fraudulent, evil Clinton Foundation. Let’s just be real, Prez-elect Trump bashed Carlos Slim for many things — throughout the Presidential campaign! That’s D.J.Trump for ya! That’s why we love D.J.Trump, tho!

Trump got sick and tired of seeing The NY Times [owned by Carlos Slim] endlessly lie about him. Trump was fed up seeing The NY Times [which used to be in love with him] pathologically lie about him. So Trump said this:

“I know why I get bad treatment in the New York Times: because it’s owned by Mexico. I don’t know if you know. A rich guy [Carlos Slim] in Mexico actually has power at the New York Times. I wonder why they don’t like us, you know? I just wonder.”

-Donald Trump [at a campaign rally in February 2016]

And in October, President-elect Trump called out The NY Times and Carlos Slim once again — for [the Carlos Slim-owned NY Times] SADISTICALLY LYING BY SAYING THAT TRUMP IS A ‘GROPER'[and/or RAPIST] WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.

Forbes lists Slim’s wealth as $49 billion, and says he was hit hard by Trump’s election, having lost $5 billion in net worth during just four days after Trump’s win.’

[source: Daily Mail]

Well NY Times-owner Carlos Slim ended up getting what he deserved…He lost a whopping 5 BILLION DOLLARS after President-elect Trump defeated Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8th! Bahaha.

Listen, CARLOS SLIM .. I am glad you and Prez-elect Trump had a nice meeting over the weekend — BUT YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED WHEN YOU LOST BILLIONS! You, as the owner of the paper, ALLOWED The NY Times to put out false stories about Prez-elect Trump. Oh, and remember when Hillary Clinton said Trump wasn’t a genius because he lost one billion dollars back when he was a younger businessman? Well, Hillary — if Trump is dumb [as you insinuate] because he lost a billion bucks in one year AT ONE POINT IN HIS LONG AND SUCCESSFUL CAREER, then your bestie Carlos Slim must register in at a ‘negative-three’ on the 3 IQ scale since he lost 5 billion in one night, LOL!


Now let’s continue on about the bumpy past that Prez-elect Trump and Carlos Slim have. The Hill reported this:

The two [Trump & Slim], though, bitterly feuded throughout the presidential campaign.

Trump had accused Slim of launching a media smear campaign against him through his ties to The New York Times and other companies.

Slim denied Trump’s accusations. He was also a vocal critic of Trump’s promises to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

That’s a good summary of Trump and Slim’s feud. But there is much more to it than that. Now let’s not just talk about the times where Prez-elect Trump attacked Slim .. just mere days before the election, Carlos Slim said that Trump would “destroy” the US economy [this was obviously Slim trying to fear-monger].


Even though Trump and Slim had a very rough feud for over a year-and-a-half, Slim did speak a little nicer about Trump after Trump won on Nov. 8th.

“If Trump is able to grow the United States economy and jobs, that would be fantastic for Mexico.”

-Carlos Slim [after Trump won the election]

The Washington Post said this:

After Trump’s unexpected victory, Slim’s tone toward the ­president-elect changed. In recent comments, Slim has spoken optimistically about Trump’s presidency. “If Trump is able to grow the United States economy and jobs, that would be fantastic for Mexico,” Slim told a business forum.

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