If the Electoral College REFUSED to acknowledge the American people’s Presidential decision, then we were going to ‘party’ like it was 1776 — but the Electoral College did not let us down! Trump will be the 45th President of the United States! Woohoo! Party like it’s 1999, folks. #DrinkResponsibly

The only electors that went ‘rogue’ [against Trump] were two Texas electors. Those two shameless electors IGNORED the voice of the Texan people and did not submit their electoral vote for Trump. But the rest of the Texas electors acknowledged the Texan people’s votes and submitted their electoral vote for Trump! BUT — in a surprising twist, Hillary Clinton was the biggest victim of rogue/faithless electors [which doesn’t matter because she lost in a landslide anyways]! Three electors [some sources say it was four electors] in Washington [the state] did not acknowledge the Washingtonians’ voice and refused to vote for Hillary Clinton [which, once again, doesn’t matter because she lost in a major landslide]. Two-out-of-the-three rogue electors in Washington voted for former Sec. of State Colin Powell … the other rogue elector in Washington voted for Faith Spotted Eagle [a Native American woman who is a strident environmentalist].

Some ‘faithless’ elector IRONICALLY voted for Faith Spotted Eagle [the woman in the image above] … So you’re telling me a rogue elector — which means he/she is a ‘faithless’ elector — voted for a woman named Faith?

Many ‘Anti-Trump’ protesters held candlelight vigils across the country last night, symbolizing their plea for the Electoral College to go ‘rogue’ and not vote for Trump. Obviously, they failed [‘big league’]!

Image result for big league DONALD TRUmpImage result for crying LIBERALS

Cry about it, liberals! Because Trump won ‘big league’!

So let’s rehash a bit … President-elect Trump won more votes than anyone else ever won in the Republican Primary — yet ‘Never Trump’ tried to stop him at the RNC [which was a total, epic, complete, full-fledged, 100%, certified, verified, major FAILURE] … President-elect Trump received the most votes out of any Republican Presidential candidate ever + President-elect Trump won in an [electoral] landslide on November 8th [his win was announced in the early AM of Nov. 9th] and yet people still decided to try and stop President-elect Trump from OFFICIALLY WINNING [despite Trump winning in a landslide].

Be a sore loser … Be a crybaby … Be a liberal … Complain, whine, cry, do whatever you want. But Trump and Pence are going to the White House baby!

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Oh! And also — President-elect Trump took on the big corporations, the special interests, the corporate / liberally-biased / mainstream media, ‘establishment’ Republicans, the rest of the ‘establishment’, mega famous celebrities, etc, etc, etc and YET President-elect Trump STILL OVERCAME all of the odds! Unbelievable. You Can’t Stump the Trump! You just can’t stop him!


From the beginning, it was Trump against the world … and Trump won … of course with the help of the American people [the true patriots of America] … yep, it was Trump against the world — wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

The US Congress will do an official recital of the Elector College’s votes on January 6th [because it’s just an elegant thing to do].

The final results of the Electoral College’s vote was this:


All President-elect Trump needed was the magic number of 270, and he exceeded it by a comfy margin … despite two faithless electors [two traitorous, cowardly jackasses] not honoring the pledge.

Two ‘loser’ electors in Texas decided to go ‘rogue’ and voted against Trump … but it didn’t matter! LOL!

donald trumplaughsInPRESIDENT.jpg

Oh — by the way,Β  did you know that one of the faithless Texas electors lied about being a first responder on the terrible day of 9/11? You didn’t know? Well that same elector also used Ashley Madison while he was married. Turns out that Chris Suprun [one of the faithless electors] is also faithless to his own wife. Sad!

Here’s what President-elect Trump tweeted out, in response to today’s outcome:

VP-elect Mike Pence tweeted this out after the Electoral College results:

And congratulations to you, VP-elect Pence, because you are now — OFFICIALLY — the next VP of the US!

President-elect Trump’s senior advisor tweeted this out to celebrate the results:

Well — that’s all, folks! Trump and Pence [along with their administration] are going to the White House. Can’t wait for Inauguration Day [1/20/2017]!

thepatriotic.jpgThank you for your support!