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  • and even though the stories I post ARE INDEED FULLY TRUE — they do feature my own, personal viewpoint from time-to-time [basically all of the time]

But here, this article will be fully based on my own opinion. And this article is about WHY I TRULY BELIEVE, without a shadow of a damn doubt, that President-elect Donald John Trump [soon to be the 45th POTUS, beginning on January 20th] will go down in HISTORY as one of the GREATEST AMERICAN ICONS of ALL TIME.

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Now why do I think this? Isn’t it a bit arrogant to say this FLAT-OUT before he’s even begun his first day in office? Isn’t it a bit stupid to say this already? Yes, it may be — analytically. But I’ve thought this over, I’ve studied AND I STUDY [still] HISTORY … and the stars just seem to be aligned as nearly as perfectly as you could possibly get them. So I’ll expand on that throughout the article. But to begin this article [which will lay out my entire, full, ‘fleshed-out’, COMPLETE OPINION and why I believe DJT will be among the greatest American figures, historically, of all time] — I will show you this quote.

“I am sensing something is happening here, I really am and [I’m] really excited about it … And I’m so proud to be apart of this Donald Trump campaign. [Because] Donald Trump understands us, he understands you, and WE UNDERSTAND HIM.”

“Donald Trump is going to provide the LEADERSHIP that this country has not had in a VERY LONG TIME.”

“… and I BELIEVE … that there are people defined for a MOMENT in our GREAT AMERICAN HISTORY.

  • George Washington was MADE for the American Revolution.
  • Abraham Lincoln was MADE for the Civil War.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was MADE for the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Ronald Reagan was MADE to win the Cold War.
  • … and I believe that Donald J. Trump was MADE for this moment of turmoil here in the United States [at this moment in history].

… and TOGETHER … Together, Donald Trump and We The People are going to Make America Great Again!”

-Sheriff David Clarke Jr. [9/28/2016 in Waukesha, WI]

Here’s the speech in which Sheriff Clarke says that amazingly powerful statement:

Let’s dissect that powerful, emotional, vibrant, ‘energy-filled’ statement. The rise of the USA was improbable [impossible without a greater being, perhaps God almighty?]. 13 Colonies against the tyrannical French and British empires. It was a true underdog story. But the USA rose and one of the most marvelous, spectacular, greatly-written, intricately-pieced-together, sparkling documents was slowly, emotionally, powerfully, thoughtfully, and fortuitously pieced together, written, and completed that SOLIDIFIED OUR FREEDOMS, LIBERTIES, and GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS in the USA — and also has been the VITAL, PRIMAL, PROTRUDING, IMPORTANT Cornerstone of THE United States of America — and is the REASON why we are still a STANDING NATION to this day OVER 2 CENTURIES LATER. That document is the US Constitution, complimented — of course, by the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution is what sets America apart. It is a document that is ENSHRINED in our values, our history, our freedoms, liberties, democracy, and FOR A BRIGHTER AMERICA and a BRIGHTER FUTURE — the CONSTITUTION MUST BE ENSHRINED IN AMERICA TO THE 100th Percentile And STAY THAT WAY IF We Want America To Forever Survive [ETERNALLY Live On…at least until God decides to end the earth for good].

President Obama interprets the US Constitution how he wants to … instead of how the Founding Fathers meant for it to be understood. The problem is that many politicians, especially The Democrats, want to view the Constitution from their own lens — and not from how the Constitution was meant to be interpreted. The US Constitution, how it was written, is a legendary document [as close as a human-made document can get to being perfect] that IF FOLLOWED BY US CITIZENS ensures freedoms, liberties, and a great life and a great country. We need to get away from trying to change the Constitution and keep it how it is FOREVER or ELSE WE WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE IS and OUR FREEDOMS WILL GREATLY DIMINISH, if not disappear entirely.

The USA has faced utter turmoil and has been on the precipice of defeat, demolition, death, eradication, and collapse a many times before. But the USA has always SOMEHOW PERSEVERED AGAINST ALL OF THE ODDS. Most times, if not every single time, the USA has overcome the substantially large [and SEEMINGLY INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS] due to [in a big portion and large part, if not primary and complete part] a GREAT LEADER of MAJESTIC, HISTORIC, GROUNDBREAKING, MAGNIFICENT Magnitude.

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The American Revolution was spearheaded and lead by an intelligent, patient, powerful, courageous, strategic man WITH GOLDEN GUTS of GLORY, GREAT BALLS of IRON and STEEL, and a TRUE TEMPERAMENT OF A NATURAL-BORN LEADER and a WONDERFULLY-BRED WINNER. The American Revolution was lead by George Washington.


Against all odds, the tiny but mighty colonial system of the USA overcame and fought off the massive, gigantic, advanced brigade of the British and the French — to establish an INDEPENDENCE DAY from tyranny and originate “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.

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George Washington was the magical, majestic, mighty leader ABSOLUTELY NEEDED for the SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE American Revolution to be completed and successful. President George Washington then established many laws, legalities, values, liberties, freedoms, legislation, and stern but ‘freedom-allowing’ MORALS for the USA to have an ensured system of government that prevents a President from having too much power AND (OR) serving too long [like an empirical king or lofty leader / tyrant]. President Washington, with the help of other brave, great, history-making, freedom-fighting, liberty-loving Americans, fought off two massive governments [the tyrannical, empirical, mighty British and French gov’s] and established the Constitution [along with other founding documents] to ensure that the USA could have a platform that ensures FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the OPPORTUNITY at the PURSITE OF HAPPINESS for ENDLESS YEARS [as far as the eyes could see] as LONG AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE [of the future] stuck to the free-flowing, natural, organic guidelines and principles embedded, enshrined, emboldened in the glowingly beautiful document of the US Constitution [plus Bill of Rights and more] … with out President George Washington, the American Revolution MORE THAN LIKELY would have been a failure / fully-fledged, major flop AND the USA would have never had the POWERFUL PEN-TO-PAPER scripts written and emboldened on the US Constitution [and other founding documents] that have been the SOLE PURPOSE as to why the USA is still standing free and liberty-defined to this day!

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Abraham Lincoln was the leader, honesty-fulfilled man, and true Americana-figure needed to allow liberties and freedoms to be given to the African-American people of the USA, liberate them from slavery, and then REBIND THE USA after the bloody, vile, toxic, volatile, unforgiving Civil War. ‘Honest’ Abe Lincoln was known for ‘never telling a lie’ and telling it like it is [sound familiar?]. Abe told it straight-up with no apologies. He, with the Republican Party, pursued the tyrannical policies of the Democrats’ [the policies, in particular, that kept black people enslaved and treated like subhumans] and fought the Democrats [aka the CONFEDERATE STATES] until the UNION [aka the USA] won, liberated all black people from slavery, and gave them the freedoms and liberties that God laid out for them [along with every other human of all genders, races, origins, etc]. After the bloody, long, enduring Civil War — that resulted in nearly 400,000 deaths of Americans [on both sides of the Confederates and the Union] Abe Lincoln lead the country through the war and to civility — and was a primal reason that people of African-descent received the freedoms, liberties, and fair treatment they DESERVE [as all humans do]. The Civil War lasted a seemingly endless amount of years, from 1861-1865. Without President Lincoln, the USA may have never survived the Civil War — and most likely would have collapsed … and African-Americans may have never been freed from the brutal and cold chains of slavery.



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a fan, admirer, and ‘pupil’ [not physically a pupil, but studied and read about President Lincoln] of President Lincoln. Dr. MLK Jr.was a Republican and led African-Americans to the final stage of getting their long-denied freedoms, liberties, and fair treatment that had escaped them for so long [due to the Jim Crow Laws, segregation legislation, slavery, and more INSTALLED UPON THEM BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY]. Dr. MLK Jr. was a fantastic speaker, who spoke with emotions, power, and true substance… along with elegance, grace, and class. He move many Americans to STRONGLY PURSUE JUSTICE and CIVIL RIGHTS and EQUAL TREATMENT for black people in the USA. Dr. MLK Jr. is why schools are no longer RACIALLY-SEGREGATED and why BLACK AMERICANS are treated FAIRLY AS ALL HUMANS OF ALL RACES DESERVE [FOREVER AND EVER]. Dr. MLK Jr.’s bravery against naysayers, threats, and more — ALONG WITH Dr. MLK Jr.’s unwavering SUPPORT FOR PEACE and a PEACEFUL MOVEMENT for equal rights, liberties, and freedoms [of black U.S. citizens] provided the final stage of FREEDOM AND TRUE LIBERTY to black Americans. Nearly 100 years after the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement [for African-American citizens of the USA] began and from 1954-1968 the Civil Rights Movement was peacefully led to success by Dr. MLK Jr. and the evil Democrats were taken down. Once again, true patriots and the Republican Party — all spearheaded, lead, and trail-blazed forward by a great leader [first Abe Lincoln, this time MLK Jr.] had overcome the disgusting treatment of black people by Democrats and established TRUE LIBERTY and FREEDOM for African-Americans in the USA. MLK Jr. was brutally, viciously, and horrifically assassinated in Memphis, TN [the assassin was a segregationist, racist [anti-black], and a Democratic Party-supporter]. Despite the brutal death of MLK Jr. [killed by a bullet just like his role model, Abe Lincoln was] his legend echoes in history … and he was the strong, powerful, yet amazingly peaceful, prideful leader NEEDED for the USA to establish fairness for black US citizens — in a time of true, utter, full, total turmoil.

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President Ronald Reagan took over the mess made by [Democratic Party’s] President Jimmy Carter. Reagan was a Republican [NO SURPRISE] and saved the USA [and the entire earth] from DEMOLITION and COMPLETE ‘DOOMSDAY’ as WITH POWER, PATRIOTISM, and BRAVERY — President Reagan gracefully, slowly, yet soothingly [and majestically, seemingly magically] stopped the world from destruction AS IT WAS ON THE BRINK OF NUCLEAR WARFARE. And Reagan resolved the COLD WAR against Cuba/Russia, without one nuclear bomb being set off by either side [Cuba/Russia or the USA]. Without the strong, ice-cold-veined, reassuring, charming, smart, graceful, intelligent, powerful, QUIETLY powerful leadership of President Ronald Reagan — the world [especially Cuba/Russia and the USA] would have MOST LIKELY BEEN OBLITERATED DUE TO CHAOTIC, WORLD-ENDING, LETHAL, DEADLY Nuclear Warfare [of LARGE, DEMONIC, ‘DOOMSDAY’ Proportions]. Reagan also revived America, MORALLY, economically, and in various [TRULY COUNTLESS] other ways. The Republican Party, UNDER TREMENDOUS LEADERSHIP of another AMERICAN-MONUMENTAL-FIGURE had overcome the detriments, problems, and chaos set by the Democrats and SAVED THE USA from totally collapse, failure, and RAPID DOWNFALL.


Now, 2016 — soon to be 2017.

ISIS is spreading like wildfire. Radical Islam is totally destroying the world, threatening lives severely [globally], and rapidly advancing the radical Islamic caliphate. Government corruption is as worse as it’s ever been in American history. Morality in the USA is going down. US economy is in big trouble, infrastructure in US is horrible and getting worse, younger Americans [a big portion of them] are so far left that they are pro-communism. More illegals coming into the USA than ever before, sovereignty of the USA is disappearing [and arguably already gone as of right now]. Racial tensions are extremely terrible, currently. US military morale is lowered badly. US military is small and depleted. Veterans are homeless. Veterans gov’t organization is not working for brave US veterans. President Obama is an undercover Muslim. The world is more hectic than ever before. The US is weakened, our enemies are strengthened. US allies have lost a significant amount of trust in us. The US slowly becoming like everyone else instead of standing out as the ‘Shining City on the Hill’… BAM. Donald Trump, mega-successful real estate developer/globally-respected businessman. Donald Trump tells it like it is, he is outgoing, optimistic, unbelievably energetic, tough as nails, has a backbone, loves the USA and the morals, values, and principles that made the USA great. Trump doesn’t mess with the PC  bullsh*t, he tells it straight up. And BAM, TRUMP against all odds- proves his leadership skills [that he’s tremendously displayed his whole life]. Trump takes on the special interests, the media, mega-celebrities, the political establishment, and more. Trump against the world. Trump’s only team is his own wallet [he self-funded his own campaign, entirely] and patriotic Americans [a populist movement of patriots]. Trump miraculously rewrites the rule-book after breaking all of the rules and becomes GOP Nominee against all odds… Then wins the US Presidency against all odds. And now, when the world is more chaotic than it’s ever been and where the USA is slowly declining. At a pivotal time in US history, where a whopping majority of US citizens are not optimistic about the current direction of the country — a true leader with proven leadership [throughout his whole life], a true leader with mountains of money, success, world’s greatest buildings and real estate behind him — DONALD J. TRUMP is the 45th President of the US. Just when we need him. Trump steps up as the US is on the precipice of utter downfall. History resembles this current critical moment of US history. Trump matches up with America’s greatest leaders of the past. Washington, Lincoln, MLK Jr., Reagan, and Trump. Those names are all legendary names and soon Trump will go down as one of the most legendary, heroic, American legends of all time. Just wait and watch. The stars are aligned. History repeats itself. History rhymes. Oh and by the way, just a cool tidbit… MLK Jr.’s niece proudly supports Trump … and a Civil Rights legend pridefully supports Trump as well.

And on top of all of that, this firefighter [one of America’s finest and most honorable professions] said that God told him Trump would be the next POTUS — back before Trump even announced he would run … and the prophecy has been fulfilled. Just saying, folks. Trump will save the USA and Make America Great Again.

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