Muslim migrants are strongly enforcing their radical Islamic principles / sickening Sharia Law ‘values’ in the western world. Two women found that out the hard way.

Two women heard that Muslim men were running a ‘Muslim Men Only’ cafe. The Muslim cafe inflict Sharia Law, as it is a ‘No Go Zone’ [that the liberal media hilariously says is a myth]. So to see if the Muslims were truly ‘tolerant’ like liberals tell us they are, the two women bravely [and stupidly, in my opinion] walked into the Muslim restaurant.

As you see in the video above, despite the fact that Paris, France does not permit discrimination [especially Sharia Law], the Muslims refused the women any service. The Muslims swiftly kicked them out of the cafe [honestly, why would any women want to eat with or be around Muslim men? they are the worst people on God’s green earth].


The footage, published by France Info, shows the Muslims refusing the pair entry, telling them that they must leave because they are women and the cafe is now a “male only” business in accordance with Islam.

“It’s best to wait outside,” another advised them. “There are only men here.”

When women explain that France isn’t ruled by Sharia and that it is customary in Western culture for men and women to attend the same restaurant, the men told her that Paris is no longer a Western city.

“In this café, there’s no mixing,” a third man responded. “We’re in Sevran, not (central) Paris.” Another said: “The mentalities are different, here it’s like it is back in the old country.”

As you read, a few of the Muslim men made some very disturbing statements. One Muslim truly showed his intolerance by saying that there is “no race mixing” allowed in their ‘No Go Zone’. This just shows you that Muslims are not tolerant. They bring their DISTORTED, DISTURBING, EVIL ‘values’ from the evil Islamic country they lived in. Of course, if a white man ever said “no race mixing” allowed then liberals would explode in a fury and condemn white men for being racist. But since it was a Muslim who said it, no liberals have condemned him for the bigoted comment. It’s really sick to see Paris, France allow these ‘No Go Zones’ and it’s disgusting to see Paris, France allow these Muslims to discriminate against and oppress women. France also allows the Muslim migrants’ ‘No Go Zones’ to discriminate against and ATTACK non-Muslims and non-middle eastern people. Wow, these migrants are really nice, huh? NOT!

islam2 A nuke is the best way to handle the ‘Muslim refugee’ scenario

Another Muslim man, in the cafe, said that in the ‘No Go Zones’ Muslim “mentalities are different” and it’s like they’re “back in the old country.” So this just proves to you that Muslims don’t assimilate whatsoever. This Muslim just said that in their UNLAWFUL ‘Sharia Law’/’No Go Zone’ cafe [and in other ‘No Go Zones’ across France] it is as if they are back in their old nation. That’s not good. Their old nation treats women terribly, kill gays, non-Muslims [aka the ‘infidels’], sternly enforced the oppressive and horrific ‘Sharia Law’ and it’s a total hell-hole. But despite the fact that they are now in the western world and are in France, they still have their Muslim / Sharia Law “mentalities” and they establish their ‘Sharia Law’ zones and enforce it strictly like it’s “the old country.” What’s gonna  happen when Muslims end up becoming a larger group in France? Sharia Law will be everywhere do to the ‘No Go Zones’ that the Muslim migrants establish. The western world is being taken over by Muslims. The Muslims are rapidly advancing the Islamic caliphate and SOON it will be ‘convert or die’.

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So once again we see how Muslims treat women … yet the ‘progressive left’, that claims to be ALL FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT / WOMEN’S RIGHTS, refuse to condemn Muslims for their horrible treatment of women. Muslims [who love Sharia Law] deny women basic human rights and rape women and mutilate their genitals, among other horrible things. Well, these two women in Paris, France got discriminated against but at least it wasn’t worse. You never know what Muslims might do. The two women are lucky they were not beat up, spit on, raped, killed [or all four of those terrible things]. Because as we endlessly see, Muslim men are major rapists, killers, thieves, savages, and terrible people. To read more in-depth about these two women and their trip to the ‘No Go Zone’ cafe, click this link.

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