Yesterday in Turkey, Russia ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot dead by a radical Islamic terrorist. President-elect Trump tweeted this out, in response to the horrible event:

Well now, more details are pouring out about the brutal assassination.

Ever since Russia ambassador Andrey Karlov was killed, Russian investigators have teamed up with Turkish investigators to gather all of the facts, clues, and details needed about this horribly violent case. The investigation has apparently led the Russian gov. and the Turkish gov. to the conclusion that the RADICAL MUSLIM [that shot Karlov] was a devout follower of the US-based Muslim Imam, Fethulla Gulen. Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, contacted US Sec. of State John Kerry about this. Here’s what he told Kerry:

“Both Turkey and Russia know the Gülenist Terror Cult…was behind Russian envoy Andrey Karlov’s assassination.”

-Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu [made this statement in a phone call to Sec. of State John Kerry, earlier today]
Secretary Kerry CONFIRMED that he did speak with Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, earlier today.

Kerry also spoke with the Russian government, earlier today. Also, here’s what Secretary Kerry publicly said in response to the killing of Russia ambassador Karlov.

 The Muslim that killed Karlov said that he committed the killing for vengeance [due to Russia’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War]. Russia President Putin has been spearheading the assault against ISIS in Syria, so obviously this radical Muslim [that killed Karlov] is on the side of ISIS.

Turkey President Erdogan has publicly come out and said that the US-based Imam [that currently lives in Pennsylvania] is a majorly influential role model of the Muslim [that killed Karlov]. Turkey President Erdogan considers Imam Fethullah Gulen [who lives in Pennsylvania] to be a terrorist.
“If the US is our strategic ally and our NATO partner … then they [the US] should not let a terrorist like Gülen run his organization.”-Turkey President Erdogan [September 20th, 2016]
Turkey President Erdogan says that Imam Gulen was one of the major masterminds behind the failed coup [that took place against the Turkish government in July].
Turkish people poured onto the streets in celebration after the coup against Turkish gov. and Turkey President Erdogan failed.
Turkey President Erdogan has relentlessly berated US President Obama about Imam Gulen — Erdogan has constantly requested [for at least 2 years] that President Obama extradite Imam Gulen.
Above you see Turkey President Erdogan and US President Obama. Erdogan has tirelessly tried to convince President Obama to hand over Imam Gulen.
President-elect Trump’s ‘right-hand man’, US Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn [ret.], has called for President Obama to extradite Imam Gulen [so Turkey can throw him in prison for his crimes].

Turkey President Erdogan and major media outlets in Turkey are currently reporting that Mevlut Mert Altintas [the Muslim that killed Karlov] was a major follower of Imam Gulen’s.

The TWEET BELOW was written in French but it translates to:
 “Mevlut Mert Altıntaş, assassin of the Russian ambassador, studied in a school of organization Gulen”

It is 100% confirmed that Altintas [the pro-ISIS Muslim that killed Russia ambassador Karlov] studied in one of Imam Gulen’s schools.
 ALSO, Turkish news outlets are also reporting that Altintas [the Muslim that killed Tarlov] had Gulenist material [material relative to and/or supportive of Imam Gulen] in his residence, which is just more evidence that he was a strong supporter / major follower of the radical Muslim Imam Fethulla Gulen. Turkish media is also reporting that Atlintas called off of work in the days after the failed coup [which was orchestrated by Gulen].
In two images below, you see [left pic] Atlintas and [right pic] Imam Gulen.
The pro-ISIS Muslim that killed Russia ambassador Karlov, MEVLUT MERT ALTINTAS, is in strong alliance with Muslim Imam Gulen. And President Obama is protecting Gulen. Here are 5 things you need to know about ALTINTAS.
So let’s connect-the-dots…Mevlut Mert Altintas [the radical Muslim who murdered Russian comrade Karlov] killed Karlov because of Russia’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War … Russia has teamed up with Syria’s government to help destroy ISIS in Syria … ISIS has publicly celebrated the savage murder of Karlov … Atlintas [the Muslim who killed Karlov] is a staunch follower of Muslim Imam Fethulla Gulen … Imam Gulen is ‘public enemy #1’ of Turkey and is considered a terrorist by the Turkish government … President Obama [and the rest of his weak administration] has continuously REFUSED to hand over radical Muslim Imam Gulen to the Turkish government. *So are you still following me, folks? ISIS celebrated Atlintas’ murder of Karlov, Atlintas committed the murder because of Russia killing ISIS in Syria, Atlintas is a strong follower of Imam Gulen, and Gulen is considered a terrorist by Turkey, and General Flynn has relentlessly called for President Obama to extradite Imam Gulen [who seems to be more on the side of ISIS, than on the side of the Syrians/Russians/Turkish people]. So why in the hell is President Obama and his administration PROTECTING Imam Gulen?! WHAT IN THE WORLD? TREASON!*
Image result for MUSLIM MURDER KARLOVPhoto published for Cavusoglu Allegedly Blames Gulen Movement for Russian Ambassador's Murder
Above you see the Muslim that viciously murdered Karlov .. and in the right image, you see Muslim Imam Gulen [who is public enemy #1 of Turkey & was the role model of the Muslim that killed Karlov].
It is currently not confirmed that Muslim Imam Fethulla Gulen was behind the vicious murder of Russia ambassador Andrey Karlov … but I think that we can all clearly see, that it’s a legitimate possibility.
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