Hillary Clinton had the media on her side, ‘big money’ donors on her side, globally-famed celebrities on her side, and basically the entire power structure on her side … and yet she still lost to President-elect Trump in a landslide [electorally]. And she would’ve lost the popular vote if illegal aliens didn’t get allowed to vote!

So true, President-elect Trump!


Funny [and true] political cartoon … but Obama doesn’t have to grant amnesty to get illegals to vote — illegals just do it anyways!
Oh, as you see in the video above, just one of countless proofs that INDICATES ILLEGALS VOTED in the Presidential election. Of course, the liberally-biased / mainstream media completely ignores this.

Hillary Clinton hosted a big ‘loser party’ for all of her major campaign donors in NYC. While Hillary Clinton spoke to the donors at the event, she said this…

“Take it from Nate Silver, who’s pointed out that swing state voters made their decisions in the final days, breaking against me because of the FBI letter from FBI Director Comey …

… Nate Silver believes, I happen to believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome.”

So we all know that Hillary broke a major amount of SERIOUS LAWS

So Hillary does all of these SEVERE CRIMES, yet FBI Director Comey let her off of the hook, not once — but TWICE. And now Hillary is complaining? She is lucky she isn’t in prison [like this US Navy Sailor who is for doing time for doing a crime that is ‘small peanuts’ compared to Hillary’s mountain of crimes]. #ClintonPrivilege

Young, brave, bright, and valiant US Navy Sailor goes to serve a long sentence in prison for doing a very, very tiny fraction of what Hillary Clinton did. Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier’s minor breach fails in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s fragile e-mail server [that she ILLEGALLY sent dozens upon dozens upon dozens of classified documents over]. Hillary’s server was hacked into by multiple foreign entities — Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier’s six pics of a classified section of a submarine were exposed to a few harmless ‘entities’, his children. And now Saucier is in prison, away from his wife and kids … while the major criminal, Hillary Clinton, is still on the loose.

If President Obama is keeping “Crooked” Hillary out of the slammer, then Prez ‘Obummer’ needs to pardon Sailor Saucier immediately.

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The amount of corruption in our government is SICKENING.


Unbelievably unfair. But that’s just the privilege of being Hillary Clinton.

Hillary had the odds stacked in her favor and SHE LOST in a landslide!

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Apparently, Hillary had a major meltdown after she lost on election night.


Tell ’em, girl.

Hillary Clinton is like a rich, bratty kid who has been ‘spoiled rotten’ all of her life. Hillary Clinton gets everything she wants despite not earning it. She gets out of trouble all of the time because she’s a brat — never any consequences for her. Others have to follow the rules, but not ‘Queen Hillary’. Hillary thinks laws are for peasants — Hillary believes she is above us, that’s why she called us ‘Deplorables’. That’s why she said Bernie supporters are ‘basement-dwellers’ and called some of her own supporters a ‘bucket of losers’. Hillary thinks she is above the law and above us, the American people. Hillary got out of prison DESPITE DESERVING A MIGHTILY HEFTY PRISON SENTENCE and Hillary had the entire power structure, entire media, all of Hollywood’s people on her side [and so much more advantages that she had against Trump] and YET she still lost, so what does she do? She kicks, screams, cries, gets violent, cusses, lashes out. Hillary does what a bratty child does when he doesn’t get the toy he asked for at Christmas. Instead of being grateful for the expensive action figure his parents bought him, the ungrateful / bratty little child breaks the toy in half and demands his parents go buy him the set of ‘Hot Wheels’ he demands. Hillary is basically the same thing, she gets everything in the world and she gets all of the advantages — she even gets to break major laws without going to prison [unlike the rest of us because if we did a tiny fraction of what she did — we would be in prison for, AT THE LEAST, a year]. So Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton gets away with breaking insanely-severe laws and she has all of the odds stacked in her favor, then when she doesn’t get what she wants [she loses] she points the finger at Comey [who gave her two ‘Get Out Of Jail Free cards’] and then Hill-dog points the finger at Putin [but that doesn’t make any sense because Putin would have wanted Hill-dog to win, since she is very easy to get favors from]. So Hillary gets everything she wanted but then she loses [because of her shortcomings] and what does she do? She blames her daddy for not being nicer to her [aka Hillary blames Comey DESPITE the fact he COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE indicted her to a seriously-long prison sentence], she blames the ‘next-door-neighbor’ kid because she ‘delusionally’ thinks it’s not fair he got what he wanted for Christmas [aka Hillary blames Putin for ‘rigging the election’ even though Putin stayed out of the US election, minded his own business, and repeatedly said he would work with whoever gets elected]. Hillary ‘Rotten’ Clinton is an overgrown child [spoiled to the core]!

Hillary colluded with major media networks and she had the system rigged against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary. Major media outlets refused to cover her endless scandals YET decided to overly-examine Trump’s minor issues, and the American people saw that the mainstream media was totally against Trump [and Americans saw the media was completely in the tank for Hillary] — therefore Americans went against the grain because AMERICANS DON’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHO TO LIKE AND WHO TO DISLIKE.


Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. Her long political tenure is laced with corruption, scandals, and evil deeds. People are not just tired of Hillary [and her artificiality, pandering, lying, sociopathic ass … people are tired of dealing with Hillary because she is so fake], but people are tired of the Clintons in general.

“The Comey letter certainly had an impact in the election in that it reminded voters of what she failed to do for many, many months and that’s to address specifically and credibly her email problem.”

-Mike Barnicle [MSNBC pundit / liberal hack]

So Hillary don’t you dare complain about FBI Director Comey. Director Comey had every single reason to throw you in prison [for a long, long time] and yet he showed mercy [because Hillary is apart of the ‘establishment’ and believes that she is above the law … or Hillary just paid off Comey or Comey just didn’t want to be the next member of the ‘Clinton Body Count’]. And Hillary, don’t even think about SERIOUSLY BLAMING Russia President Vladimir Putin for your loss. There is no evidence, whatsoever, that Russia hacked the election NOR is there evidence that Russia TRULY PROVIDED TRUMP with any leverage whatsoever [in the US election]. If anything, Putin wanted you to win, Hillary … you, Hillary, are the one that made the extremely corrupt deal with Russia to give them a whopping, big, fat chunk of the USA’s uranium. Hillary PERSONALLY PROFITED while the USA lost a vital, sought-after element [that’s used MAJORLY by the US military]. People are tired of your lies, corruption, scandals, and dirty games — HILLARY! Get that through your thick skull. Hillary, you use public office to sell out our country through the backdoor. Hillary has done this her entire career:

  • Hillary makes big promises on the campaign trail
  • Hillary gets elected
  • Hillary doesn’t fulfill her big promises
  • Hillary uses her position as an elected official to enrich herself at the expense of the American people
  • Hillary’s term ends … and she runs for office again

People are tired of seeing that cycle, Hillary. People FINALLY saw through your lies. Just like President-elect Trump said … you, Hillary, promised to bring back IMMENSE AMOUNTS of jobs to New York and yet you NEVER DID IT. You, Hillary, didn’t even bring back a tiny fraction of the jobs you promised to bring back to New York. That’s just one of endless lies that you’ve told voters, just to get elected. It’s not even that Hillary can’t get it done [in my opinion] but it’s the fact that she doesn’t care about getting it done — she only cares about how she can benefit [then again, maybe Hillary truly tries but can’t fulfill any of her promises because she just sucks that bad]. Whether Hillary tries to fulfill her promises or not, it doesn’t matter — Hillary is ineffective, corrupt, sociopathic, cowardly, deceitful, and an utter failure of a woman. Hillary, just UGH-UGH-UGH, you truly make me furious.

HILLARY CLINTON, maybe the American people DID NOT WANT YOU because you were caught saying that you LIE to the public? HILLARY, you said you have a ‘public policy’ and a ‘private policy. YOU WERE CAUGHT *RED-HANDED* ADMITTING THAT YOU LIE TO THE VOTERS. That’s just another reason why American voters didn’t choose you!

Hillary’s policies have been EXTREMELY COSTLY [time-and-time again]. Her [foreign] policies have REPEATEDLY gotten innocent people killed. Hillary doesn’t even have a cause, she just latches onto what’s trending. If a policy can’t get her elected then she isn’t interested. Just like when she suddenly became a pro-gay advocate AFTER YEARS of being anti-gay. She just decided to be for gay marriage a few years ago AFTER A LIFETIME of being against gay marriage. So why did she decide to latch onto the BANDWAGON OF PRO-GAY MARRIAGE? Because it’s politically-convenient and it got her more votes.

Now compare her to Bernie Sanders [who I truly despise but at least he isn’t fake like Hillary]. Bernie was for gay marriage decades-upon-decades ago, WAY BEFORE IT WAS POPULAR. Bernie was for gay marriage back when it was EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR. So that’s just proof that Bernie is a real person [and not some puppet like Hillary]. Now I cannot stand that socialist/communist/Marxist pervert, Bernie Sanders, but UNLIKE Hillary Clinton — he is a real person.

So Hillary, quit whining and quit playing the ‘blame game’. Stop pointing the finger at Comey and Putin and POINT THE FINGER AT YOURSELF FOR ONCE. You, Hillary, have lied and deceived for years.

Hillary, you’ve been deeply-involved in so many scandals over the past many decades that no one can even keep count. Hillary, you’ve been exposed by Wiki-Leaks … Hillary, it’s well known you use public political office for YOUR OWN GOOD — at the expense of the people.

Hillary, you are ineffective and YOU ARE TO BLAME for your loss. The American people did not choose Trump because of FBI Director Comey or Russia President Putin, the American people chose Trump because they were tired of YOU. Now use some logic and open your eyes, Hillary. YOU LOST, FAIR-AND-SQUARE. Why did you lose in a landslide? Because US citizens are fed up with YOUR BULLSH*T.

As you see in the video above, even the MSNBC liberal hacks [who were totally in the tank for Hillary] are having a hard time listening to Hillary’s bullsh*t anymore. And that’s saying something!

“We have to recognize that, as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.”

-Hillary Clinton

Ugh, Hillary … LOL. Hillary, you infuriate me so much that I can’t even get any madder — so I just laugh. AT THIS POINT, I JUST LAUGH [at you, “Crooked” Hillary]. President-elect Trump is going to REBUILD OUR MILITARY — do you think Russia President Putin is excited about America’s military getting stronger? No way. Trump is going to stop corruption in the US government, therefore foreign governments will no longer continue to buy out our politicians for the benefit of their country. Do you think Putin is excited about that? Hell-to-the-no! Putin wants Russia to SOMEDAY be the MEGA-POWER of the entire world. Do you think Putin wanted the USA to have a BOLD, DISTINCT, TRULY PATRIOTIC, POWERFUL LEADER back in the office of the US Presidency? Uhhhh, hell no!

Is this what we want for a President?

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Hillary, ice-cold logic proves that Russia President Putin would want you to be US President over Trump … because Russia President Putin wants the USA to [continuously] get weaker and weaker, so that Russia can get stronger and stronger. But with Trump as the new US President, any hopes of Russia [and Putin] getting to see the USA get weaker ARE OBLITERATED. Hillary, with her policies that are a ‘carbon copy’ of Obama’s, would have CONTINUED TO WEAKEN AMERICA — therefore allowing Russia to slowly ascend to global dominance [a long, enduring feat that wouldn’t be accomplished anytime soon BUT nevertheless, Russia President Putin does want Russia to get as strong as possible]. So with all of that being said [and with the funny video that you saw above], it’s VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that Putin would have preferred a weak President [Hillary] instead of a strong President [Trump].


In the political sketch above, you see the left side which displays the CORRUPT WEAKNESS that Hillary represents — and the right side displays the PATRIOTIC POWER that Trump represents.

Image result for PUTIN OBAMA COMPARISON MEMEImage result for putin vs obama

Putin has had his way with a weak US President [Obama] for the past 8 years … Hillary would have been a  ‘piece of cake’ for Putin [and Hillary probably would have been easier to handle than Obama was]. There is no doubt that Russia President Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win, instead of President-elect Donald Trump. Wake up, you liberal fools — quit letting the liberal media BLIND YOU FROM FACTS and BRAINWASH YOU [preventing you from using simple logic].

Image result for hillary falls gifImage result for PUTIN LAUGH GIF

Hillary Clinton is a joke. She’s a complete weakling [just as weak, if not weaker than the pathetic, spineless crawler named Hussein Obama]. Hillary has no energy nor does she have strength nor does she have an ounce of stamina. Hillary would have been a weak POTUS just like Barack Hussein ‘Obummer’ because Hillary is not a leader.


So much for that ‘rock solid steadiness’, huh Hillary?

Hillary Clinton … a true hypocrite, a true murderera true liar, a true corrupt witch, a true evil witch, a truly grim and evil woman who believes that she’s better than everyone [and treats everyone like sh*t for no reason].

ONLY HILLARY would complain about Russia ‘rigging the election’ EVEN THOUGH she is the ‘Queen’ of Election-Rigging.

Image result for HILLARY DNC RIGGED Political cartoon

And besides, there is no proof, WHATSOEVER, that Russia ‘rigged the election’ in anyway shape, form, or fashion. Russia tried to hack the RNC — but the RNC astutely ran their show and sharply secured their convention. Then the DNC came around and Russia BARELY HAD TO TRY to hack the DNC because the Democrats are pretty careless when it comes to securing cyber-info from foreign entities [so Russia easily succeeded and hacked the living daylights out of the Democratic Party, LOL!]. And all because the RNC locked-down cyber-security perfectly and the DNC were slackers, the Democrats have blamed Russia for favoring Trump over Hillary. Absolutely absurd … Hilarious [to an extent] … but an absurd notion by the Dems.

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