MTV is not what it used to be. Yet the liberal-propagandized corporation/network of MTV is still watched by many young people [Millennials +  ESPECIALLY High school-aged kids / even younger kids]. MTV continues to brainwash young people, especially pre-teens and teens, to be liberal-Democrats and to hold devout racial prejudices against Caucasian people [especially of the male gender].

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As you can easily see, MTV is no longer ‘music television’ … it’s something far worse and it’s very degenerate.

MTV blames everything on white people, ESPECIALLY white men. In their latest segment of blatant racism/sexism [against the white race and white men], they shot out a wad of fully-loaded falsified propaganda at children, teens, and young people all across America.

So MTV offered up a list of New Year’s Resolutions for ‘white guys’. Wow, that’s a little provocative. Imagine if they offered up a list of resolutions of black guys or Mexicans or Asians … it’d be a target-point for all SJWs to condemn MTV of racism and bigotry. But since MTV targeted white men, it’s okay.

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In the video, you can watch at the bottom of the article, the first resolution given out is a request that white guys realize that America was never great for anyone besides white men … ummm? Well the USA was founded and built and FOUGHT FOR by MOSTLY WHITE MEN … heck, the first 43 Presidents were white men and the overwhelming amount of US military casualties are white men, during the Vietnam War — white men were the primary people to be drafted — not women of any race, color or creed. And yeah, the USA has been a primarily WHITE NATION and it’s been PRIMARILY BUILT BY WHITE MEN. So why is MTV talking sh*t? Go to Mexico or another Hispanic country and tell them to realize that Mexico or another Hispanic country has only been great for HISPANIC MEN or go to Asia and do it or an African country and do it … but nah, just stick it to white Americans. What a joke, MTV.

If you want to read more about this despicable video launched outwards to the American youth by MTV, click this link:

If you want to watch this cancerous video, click play below.

 As of right now, the dislikes are way, way, way more than the likes on this video [on YouTube]. I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, Native-American, Hispanic or whatever — and I could care less if you’re a man or woman. If you stand against bigotry of any kind, then click that video and give MTV a proverbial ‘middle finger’ by disliking the video. THANKS!

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