Despite the intolerant left rioting, protesting, sending death threats to pro-Trump electors, and holding candlelight vigils to display their disgust with President-elect Trump — yesterday, the Electoral College made it official.

ELECTORS.jpgNC electors marched singing

President-elect Trump won North Carolina by over 170,000 votes [on Nov. 8th].

And since President-elect Trump won NC, all 15 of NC’s electors UNANIMOUSLY voted for Trump in the Electoral College, yesterday. Despite the liberals’ protests and despite their pleas for electors to ignore the American people’s voice, the NC electors refused to go ‘rogue’. The NC electors PROUDLY stayed loyal to the NC people’s votes.

“It’s our duty to carry the vote of the citizens of North Carolina.”

-Mark Delk, the president of North Carolina’s Electoral College

“I feel like they’ve [anti-Trump protesters] closed their minds off a little bit. I just wish they’d give President Trump a chance. If he does something wrong, I’ll be right out there with them protesting with them!”

-Lee Green, one of the electors for North Carolina
Due to the pressure of anti-Trump protesters and [or] liberal protesters, the NC electors responded peacefully and positively. As they entered the State Capitol to submit their electoral votes, they carried a big banner that read “Thank You President Elect Donald J. Trump”. As the electors marched towards the State Capitol, they beautifully sang “God Bless America”.
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