The amazingly wonderful state of North Carolina is about to sadly lose their Republican Governor, Pat McCrory … and due to that, it is very likely that HB2 will be repealed — and ‘transgender’ people will be allowed to use the restroom [in public] with which they identify.


HB2 was passed, due to the excellent leadership of NC Gov. McCrory. HB2 protects vulnerable women from guys who ‘self-identify’ as women, so that a guy [who ‘self-identifies’ as a woman] can’t whip out his penis is a lady’s restroom. But the NC Governor-elect, Roy Cooper, will do all that he can to repeal HB2. If NC Governor-elect Cooper repeals HB2 then a man [who still has his penis] who is wearing a dress will be able to LEGALLY use the same restroom as a woman. And if a woman [who still has her vagina] resembles a man well-enough, they can use the restroom with guys. This is totally immoral and uncivilized. That will be legally permitted in North Carolina if NC Governor-elect Cooper is successful in repealing HB2. Disgusting, despicable, deplorable, and immoral!

Roy Cooper.jpgnc-gov.jpg

NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper will begin his NC governorship on January 7th.

“… with the help of Democrats in the legislature, HB2 will be repealed in full. Full repeal will help to bring jobs, sports and entertainment events back and will provide the opportunity for strong LGBT protections in our state.”

NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper

Ever since NC passed HB2 [back in March], we’ve seen sports leagues refuse to do events in NC. We’ve seen musicians refuse to do events in NC. And the passage of HB2 has negatively effected NC’s economy in other ways, as well. Which is truly stupid … why would the NBA have an issue with NC choosing to keep restrooms biologically divided? Despicable … makes me look at the NBA differently.

As you can see above, NC Governor-elect Cooper tweeted that out on Monday morning. You can read more about NC Governor-elect Cooper’s promise to repeal HB2, by clicking here.
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