Tomorrow, electors all across the country will submit their vote to the electoral college and President-elect Trump will be VERIFIED passage to the Presidency. Many electors have received severe threats due to the fact they will submit their electoral vote for Trump, due to the American people voting for him.

[The official Twitter handle of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan tweeted out their message of support for the duo.]

Kelly Mitchell and her father, Henry Hatter, are the two African-American electors and they’ll vote tomorrow in Lansing, Michigan. They’ve received countless e-mails, letters, phone calls, and more urging them to ignore the voice of the American people — and calling on them to submit an electoral vote for Hillary Clinton.


They’ve also been called ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ for being electors that will acknowledge the American people’s voice and vote for Trump.

Mitchell and Hatter are registered Republicans, and of course African-American Republicans are constantly harassed by the racist, intolerant, bigoted left. Henry Hatter was an elector for President Gerald Ford in 1976… but his daughter, Kelly Mitchell, is a first-time elector and will be enthusiastically voting for Trump tomorrow.

“Even when others attempted to discourage her, she held the course.”-Henry Hatter, talking about his daughter’s will to succeed

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Kelly Mitchell has been told that she is a ‘traitor’ to her own race because she supports President-elect Trump [despite the fact that Trump will fix many problems for African-Americans]. Kelly Mitchell responded to her critics:

“I don’t really worry about what other people who say to me about race or how I should vote. It’s been what’s right for and worked for me. I make no apologies.”

-Michigan Elector Kelly Mitchell

Thank you Michigan Electors, Henry Hatter and Kelly Mitchell. Have fun voting tomorrow. You two are a part of history!


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