There have been so many radical Islamic terror attacks lately that my head has begun to spin. With multiple Christian statues being destroyed by Muslims, to a Russian ambassador being murdered by a radical Muslim in the name of ‘Allah’, to just now when this MONSTROUS TRUCK killed countless Germans at a Christmas market.

Germany took in more Muslim migrants than anyone by A LOT and they have been paying for it ever since. So many deaths have just happened due to another radical Muslim. This monstrous truck attack killed so many people that they don’t even know the precise number. At least 50 people are critically injured.

A spokesman for the German police said they are treating the horrific incident like it’s a terrorist attack, as it obviously is a radical Muslim who waged jihad on the innocent German Christians [who were only shopping].

ISIS recently called for vehicular attacks. We’ve seen them occur in Nice, France and just recently at Ohio State University … and now once again in Germany. Folks, I think it is time for another CRUSADE. Let’s just face it.

Please pray for the German people. Please pray that all the Muslims are excised from Germany as soon as possible.

thepatrioticThank you for your support!