The founder of Wiki-Leaks [the organization that relentlessly dropped BOMBSHELLS throughout the US presidential race] Julian Assange has recently slammed the liberally-biased media. Despite Assange being a liberal, himself, he recognizes the corruption of the mainstream American news media.


[The evil witch, Hillary Clinton, once INSANELY proposed an assassination attempt on Julian Assange.]

Just last Thursday, Julian Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity and he had some rough statements for the American mainstream media to soak in! Take a listen:

Julian Assange said that Russians were not the source for the leaked documents, despite what the US government and US media has been saying.  Assange went onto comment about the American media and said “They’re increasingly not very important.”  Boom! So true! The liberally-biased media is not trusted by Americans anymore.

Assange has also said that the US media is a “paper tiger” and said that the rise of alternate news outlets [independent news outlets] have eroded the influence of the mainstream media outlets.

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