VP-elect Mike Pence is a deeply-devout, strong-principled Christian conservative. And because of this, he is mocked by liberals for it. Despite VP-elect Pence being respectful to the LGBT community, the LGBT liberals mock him. Yet the LGBT liberals don’t mock Muslims [who want to kill them for being gay], instead LGBT liberals stand up for Muslims.


Well in NYC’s Time Square, there is a man, dressed up as VP-elect Mike Pence, roaming around raising money for LGBT charities.

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The ‘Pence-poser’ has become well-known over the past couple of weeks ever since a photograph of him went viral [well, at least ‘somewhat’ viral — it got enough attention at least].

The man posing as VP-elect Pence told a media outlet about how he got the idea to disrespectfully mock VP-elect Mike Pence:

“Mike Hot-Pence started as a Halloween costume. I was headed down to Greenwich Village to meet friends on Halloween night and that neighborhood is the heart of costume craziness and creativity.

A friend suggested I dress up as Pence – and other friends chimed in and agreed on Facebook – but that didn’t seem funny or original to me. I wanted a twist. So I came up with a Sexy Mike Pence costume that combined a conservative upper half and a sassy lower half. That was the birth of Mike Hot-Pence.”

-Glen Pannell [the man who mockingly masquerades as VP-elect Pence and parades around NYC raising money for LGBT people]

Ever since this intolerant liberal, Glen Pannell, has been mockingly posing as VP-elect Pence and collecting money — he’s raised a few thousand dollars for LGBT charities.

“Mike Hot-Pence” aka Glen Pannell also noted that VP-elect Pence has a prominent record of voting against abortion and against ‘climate change’ policies — Pannell said that’s why VP-elect Pence “scares” him. So Glen Pannell is scared of VP-elect Pence because Pence wants to save millions upon millions of unborn babies’ lives and give them a chance to live? Does Pannell not realize how lucky he is that his mother DID NOT abort him, so that he can now be here to ‘half-nakedly’ parade around NYC posing as Mike Pence?

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And also, Glen Pannell, just like other ‘progressives’ and the Obama administration — you [must] obviously think that ‘climate change’ is a much, much, much, much, much bigger threat than RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Despite the fact that radical Islam is quickly advancing their worldwide CALIPHATE [a caliphate that hopes to conquer the world and force all people to CONVERT TO ISLAM, LIVE UNDER THE BARBARIC AND BRUTAL SHARIA LAW, or DIE]. And Glen Pannell also must believe climate change is real even though it’s been constantly debunked by logic, science, history, and the FOUNDER OF THE F**KING Weather Channel!

The ‘Pence poser’, Glen Pannell, also said that he is concerned about how the LGBT community will “suffer under” VP-elect Pence [and the upcoming administration]. Well, Pannell, we’ve seen how badly the LGBT community has suffered under President Obama and we’ve seen that the other candidate, Hillary Clinton, secretly hates LGBT people — annnd, we’ve also seen how President-elect Trump has shown so much respect for the LGBT community [Trump is the first Republican Nominee to ever SPEAK UP for the rights of the LGBT community at the Republican National Convention, which is why Trump got a hefty amount of support from LGBT people].

And Glen Pannell also said that the Muslim “refugees will suffer under” VP-elect Pence [and the upcoming administration]. Well, Pannell, are you really saying that you are concerned about the lives of MUSLIM REFUGEES who WANT TO KILL YOU [and WILL KILL YOU, as proven]? Pannell obviously despises tolerant, peaceful, kind, warmhearted, Christian conservatives [like VP-elect Pence] but Pannell is totally okay with radical, third-world, Sharia Law-loving Muslims who openly hate gays, call for the murdering of gays, and proudly murder gays [in the name of Islam]. SO MY MESSAGE TO GLEN PANNELL: Wake The Hell UP!

“We don’t have to imagine how women’s health and the environment and the LGBTQ community and refugees will suffer under the incoming administration. This isn’t speculation. Mike Pence has a voting record on these issues from the last 16 years and it scares me.”

-Glen Pannell

Above is an actual quote of Glen Pannell … Glen Pannell is blatantly an idiot.

As you see in the tweet above, Glen Pannell raised money for Muslim refugees this morning … despite the fact that these Muslim refugees OPENLY WANT TO MURDER HIM [and LGBT people].

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Soooo …. Ummm. Tell me again why Glen Pannell is raising money for refugees?

Listen, GLEN PANNELL .. You wanna raise money for a cause? That’s great, you go for it. But I’m just saying, running around with no pants on is truly INDECENT EXPOSURE. Running around ‘half-naked’ in public, is IMMORAL and DISGUSTING and it’s truly despicable since so many children have seen you.

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You, Glen Pannell, should be severely ashamed. So Glen, raise money for the charities you want to … to volunteer your own time to raise money for a cause [if it’s a cause that positively impacts people] is a commendable thing to do … but disrespecting [and mockingly posing as] a kind, Christian, conservative, warmhearted man [VP-elect Pence] — that’s just totally distasteful and that’s just COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR. Glen Pannell, wake up!

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So what are YOUR THOUGHTS on Glen Pannell DISRESPECTFULLY IMPERSONATING our next Vice President, Mike Pence? I think Glen Pannell needs to apologize immediately. Totally uncalled for. Tell me what you think, folks.

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