Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, loves to attend satanic dinners [and Podesta is also a CONFIRMED pedophile]… and Podesta also refuses to admit that Trump won fairly. If anything, Hillary had the advantage. She had the media, the special interests, the establishment, and everything on her side. Trump only had the American people and his populist movement.

Podesta was asked if he thought the election was “free and fair”, on NBC. He responded with this ridiculous answer:

“Well, look, I think the Russians clearly intervened in the election and I think that now we know that both the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI all agree that the Russians intervened [and] helped Trump and that as … NBC first revealed, that Vladimir Putin was personally involved with that.”

It’s so insulting to Americans to insist that the Russians helped Trump win the election, when in fact — us Americans voted Trump to victory in an [electoral] landslide. Plus there is no proof, whatsoever, that the Russians hacked the election. If anything, George Soros hacked the election … Podesta did not answer if he believed if it was a fair election, so the reporter asked again and Podesta finally answered clearly:

“Well, I think it was — I think it was distorted by the Russian intervention. Let’s put it that way.”

The Russians hacked into the DNC … well maybe if the Democrats handled their info seriously, this would have never happened …

President-elect Trump tweeted this about the sitiuation:

So true! The media is on the side of the Democrats!


Agreed! This shows the lack of seriousness by the Democrats, especially President Obama, when it comes to protecting America.

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