A large group of Mexican politicians were at a Christmas party, just very recently. And they brought a pinata, which was an effigy of the President-elect, Donald J. Trump.

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[The wall just got 100 feet taller.]

What they did to it [caught on video] is unbelievably disturbing!

The radical, left-wing party of Mexico [Democratic Revolution Party] hosted the event and condoned this unbelievably sick bashing of the President-elect Trump effigy! SADISTIC! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!

[Another Trump effigy]

Could you imagine if a group of Republicans got together and bashed an effigy of Mexico’s president? They would be called racist bigots! But [magically] this far-left Mexican group gets away with it.

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Here’s a report:

One of the politicians who took part in the “salute to Donald,” as it was dubbed, told Spanish newspaper El País the symbolic violence against Trump was a harmless gesture.

“They are popular and spontaneous forms of expressing the rejection that we have toward Trump,” Sen. Miguel Barbosa said. “We must not take it as a provocation but as it was, a Christmas prefiesta that showed the rejection and a way of thinking of many Mexicans.”

“It was a Christmas party and Christmas humor,” Barbosa also reiterated to Mexican news site Excelsior on Wednesday. “But that is the feeling that is held for someone who has aggravated Mexico.”

“Donald Trump is a person repudiated not only by Mexico, but by the world.”

President-elect Trump has vowed to address trade policies between the United States and Mexico, in addition to calling for the construction of a wall between the two countries in order to promote national sovereignty and legal immigration.

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