The well-known ‘anti-capitalist’ Michael Moore appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers on December 7th. Michael Moore said something very sketchy. He said something “CRAZY” could stop President-elect Trump from being inaugurated.

As we know Michael Moore strongly supported Hillary Clinton. It seems to me that Michael Moore is hoping for a Trump assassination. Watch for yourself:

Absolute insanity. I can’t believe this jacka** said this. This person had the perfect response:

She is so right. This is a direct threat to President-elect Trump. Just like this was, as well!

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Michael Moore recently said Trump was lazy, despite the fact that Trump built his own company from the ground-up and made his company into a global brand, all under his leadership.

Image result for TRUMP TOWER DONALD TRUMP 1I70Image result for TRUMP TOWER DONALD TRUMP 1I70

As we all know, Michael Moore is not very fond of snipers. But it seems as if he would be okay if a sniper took out President-elect Trump before Inauguration Day. Michael Moore is mentally-ill.

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