This is a very disturbing story. Just occurred last night in NYC!

Yuriy Alterman, a 38 year old male of Bronx NYC, was arrested by police as he approached the beautiful and iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Yuriy Alterman had gasoline, a light, and a book called “Son of Hamas”.

Hamas is a radical Palestinian-Muslim terrorist group. They kill countless amounts of innocent Israelis annually.

According to the NYPD, a Fox News employee noticed the man walking erratically and notified the police. The Fox News employee told the police that the man was yelling anti-police slurs and was disrupting the peace. The man apparently was throwing a bottle, as well. The officers followed the radical Muslim up until an intersection by Rockefeller Plaza.

Image result for HAMAS FLAGImage result for ROCKEFELLER TREE

Thank God the NYPD stopped this radical, Hamas-supporting, Muslim. He was about to set the iconic Christmas tree on fire.

It’s very obvious what this man was going to do [had the NYPD not heroically stopped him].

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