Thank God that we will SOON HAVE a President who loves our police. We know that President Obama has waged a war on our police and absolutely disrespects our police. Soon President-elect Trump will restore LAW and ORDER to the USA.

In Georgia, an officer of the Americus Police Department was killed and a resource officer on a college campus was brutally injured in a shooting.

This happened this morning in the southwest part of Georgia. The suspected gunman [that killed one police officer and injured another] is still on the run from authorities. He is identified as a 32 year old man named Minguell Kennedy Lembrick. The Albany Police Department reported that he is 6’1 and weighs 170 pounds.

Here’s an excerpt from

He allegedly shot and killed an officer from the Americus Police Department and wounded a public safety officer from the campus police department at Georgia Southwestern State University, a local college, before fleeing the scene.

Americus Police Chief Mark Scott said in a Wednesday afternoon press conference that the officer from the Americus Police Department was responding to a domestic dispute at the apartment complex, and the Georgia Southwestern officer arrived as backup.

Both officers were shot responding to the call. The Georgia Southwestern State University officer was life-flighted to a Macon hospital in “very, very critical” condition, Scott said.

“There are no words to express the pain and sorrow,” Scott said at the press conference.

The officers were not immediately identified.

One of the shootings occurred in an apartment complex.

The students at Georgia Southwestern State University were commanded to take shelter while the insane shooter was on the run from authorities. The college is [presumably] still on shutdown as the ‘cop shooter’/’cop killer’ is still uncaught.

Americus Police Chief Mark Scott had this to say in a press conference after the horrific shootings.

“There are no words to express the pain and sorrow. We have two officers that have been shot this morning. One was from the Americus Police Department and one was from the Georgia Southwestern State University Police Department. It happened at Country Club Estates apartments about half an hour ago.”

The Americus Police officer [that was shot] is dead and the college resource officer is in “very, very critical condition” [according to Americus Police Chief Mark Scott].

This is totally sad. The war on our policemen and policewomen must be stopped NOW!

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