Now I am not a fanboy of Megyn Kelly’s — but I am, ALSO, not a mega-hater of Megyn Kelly’s. Many Trump fans absolutely hate Megyn Kelly, and I don’t blame them. But I think Megyn Kelly does a decent job and I enjoy her [to some extent] on Fox News.

But Megyn Kelly has been called a “superb journalist” by Hillary Clinton and that’s a little disturbing . . . LMAO.

But now there is news being LEAKED that CNN [‘Clinton News Network’] is interested in Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

An article by NY Daily News [which is a liberal rag and should not be respected] has said that Megyn Kelly will not go to CNN. But there are many rumors swirling that combat NY Daily News’ narrative.

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[Don Lemon of CNN with Megyn Kelly of Fox News]

We are in the final month of 2016 and Megyn Kelly’s contract with Fox News expires in 2017. So she could be a ‘free agent’ very soon unless she decided to sign a new deal with Fox News.

Earlier this week, the highly-touted [highly-respected] Drudge Report posted a headline exclaiming that CNN President Jeff Zucker is pursuing a deal with Megyn Kelly. According to the ‘Drudge Report’, CNN’s president is hoping to bring Megyn Kelly on for an 8 PM or 9 PM time slot. Currently, Megyn Kelly hosts the Kelly File at the 9 PM [EST] time slot on Fox News.

Drudge News also said that CNN would not pay Megyn Kelly more than $20,000,000 that Fox News is willing to pay her.

Megyn Kelly responded to the rumors of a network jump, by posting this tweet [on Friday Night]:

Her contract expires in the summer of 2017. And she has been asked about whether or not she will remain with Fox News. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was thinking it over. She told them this: “This is a big one for me, so I want to get it right.”

I personally think that CNN’s president is actively pursuing an agreement with Megyn Kelly. She seems like she would fit greatly there.


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